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27 May 2015
Three important achievements for Pipistrel! 2015 has been a good year for Pipistrel so far. We are proud on three important achievements: 1.) Ivo Boscarol won the "Trusted Brand" award for the third time in a row2.) "Pipistrel" is among top 30 most recognizable Slovene trademarks3.) The company Pipistrel was listed among the top 50 Slovene companies with best credit rating 1.) Reader's Digest - Trusted BrandOn Thursday, 14. May 2014, the Slovene Reader's Digest magazine announced the winners of the "Trusted Brand" awards for this year as chosen by the readers of the magazine. In Cankarjev Dom hall in Ljubljana they awarded Ivo Boscarol, the general manager of Pipistrel, th...

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