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The Pipistrel company is located in Ajdovscina. This beautiful mediterranean town can be found in the middle of the so called Vipava valley, right at the foot of the hill named Caven. There are three major ways of reaching Ajdovscina, by plane, railway or road.

Factory working hours:
Monday - Friday
7:00h - 11:00 h, 12:00h - 15:30h CET


If you intend to fly in, here are some useful tips

Contacting 123.500 MHz with callsign »Ajdovscina« before entering the airport zone is obligatory, also when flying inside airport zone, radio contact is mandatory . If the station is not reachable, please contact the airport's manager by phone (+386 5 368 91 92 +386 5 368 91 92)

  • The airport is located to the west of the town of Ajdovscina
  • ICAO airport code: LJAJ

  • Physical data:
  • WGS 94 coordinates:
  • N 45 53,3
  • E 13 53,5

  • Runway 1050x60m, orientation 260-080
  • Recommended downwind leg-altitude:
    microlights is 600ft (200m) AGL
    general aviation 1000ft (300m) AGL

  • The airport is open for VFR-only traffic throughout the year and offers:
    > Gasoline (AvGas 100LL)
  • Hangaring
  • Maintenance for microlights and general aviation
  • Flight lessons
  • Commercial and panorama flights
  • Catering

  • ATTENTION: frequent gusty winds (burja) exceeding 110 kts (200kph)

Contacting 123.500 MHz with callsign »Ajdovscina« before entering the airport zone is obligatory, also when flying inside airport zone, radio contact is mandatory . If the station can't be contacted, please call the airport's manager by phone (+386 5 368 91 92 +386 5 368 91 92)


If railway service is your first choice, Nova Gorica - Ajdovščina connection is maintained 3 times per day.


Closest international airports

If you are planning to arrive by a public transport plane, you will probably choose one of the following airports:

click for a larger map

in Slovenia:
Ljubljana Brnik - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 103km.
You can either rent a car at the airport or use public transport (bus or train) first to Ljubljana and then to Ajdovščina.  (see below: road access)

in Italy:
Ronchi dei Legionari - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 51 km.
Public transport from the airport:
Monfalcone Railway Station - located some 5 kilometres from the airport on the Trieste-Venice railway line - can be reached by Local Transport service APT Bus 10, running every 20/25 minutes.
Bus: to Gorizia Coach 1 and other services in connection with Coach 51
to Trieste: Coach 51
Tickets can be purchased at city bus/coach stations or at the airport: in the Arrivals Hall, with an automatic machine for selfticketing and at the Post Office.
At the Trieste Coach Station, many bus and coach connections to Slovenia are available.

Venezia Airport (Marco Polo) - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 152 km.
Treviso (San Giuseppe) - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 155 km.
From Treviso and Venezia, follow road signs for Udine, Trieste; and later for Gorizia and Slovenia. (see below: road access)

in Austria:
Klagenfurt - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 166 km.
Graz - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 274 km.

in Croatia:
Zagreb - Distance from Pipistrel Ajdovščina: 222 km.

ATTENTION: for driving on any motorway within Slovenia, a motorway vignette is obligatory! You can purchase the vignette on all petrol stations.
ATTENTION: some rent-a-car companies only allow you to drive within the same country. If you rent a car in Italy or Austria, make sure you are allowed to cross the border and enter Slovenia with it!

Road access

Access from the central or eastern part of the country: there are 2 possibilities:

The fastest way via motorway: take the motorway (A 1) Ljubljana - Koper and take the exit - izhod Nanos, direction Nova Gorica (H4). The highway begins to descent into the Vipava valley. After passing Vipava, take exit Ajdovscina.
(for  better understanding, the distance between Ljubljana and Ajdovscina is about 80 kms by road).

The shorter but slower, more picturesque way: also take the motorway Ljubljana - Koper but leave it already at the exit - izhod Logatec and head for Idrija. You will enjoy the landscape surrounded with forests and fields all the way to Ajdovscina. When arriving to Godovic, make a left turn towards Crni Vrh (direction Nova Gorica). After passing the village of Col, there are less than 10 kms to Ajdovscina. This way is more than 10 kms shorter than the one mentioned above, but takes more time because of the curvy roads.

If you are about to arrive from the west (Italy), you take the motorway A4 from Venezia or Udine, direction Trieste, exit - uscita Villesse. After approximately 12 kms you arrive to border crossing between Italy and Slovenia called St.Andrea - Vrtojba. Then you simply follow the motorway eastbound and leave it in Ajdovscina (3rd exit). The airport itself is located on the west part of the town, only about 800m away from the town center.

The easiest way to find us after you have already arrived in Ajdovscina is to look for us at the airport. If you do not find us there, simply ask the airport manager or one of the barmen in the nearby restaurant »Zmaj« to call us. We will be more than pleased to meet you at the airport and then take you to our facilities.
The company headquarters can be found at Goriška cesta 50a, right next to the airport.

If you intend to find us without the help, please regard to the town-map:

slovenija    wherearewe

Please click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

The easiest way to reach Pipistrel:

Once you exit the motorway, you will see a crossroads with the traffic lights.
In the crossroads, go STRAIGHT on. After about 300 meters, you will arrive to a roundabout-under-construction. Take THIRD exit.
Then stay on the main road, after about 600 m you will see Pipistrel on your right, slightly removed from the main road.

This is the building you should be looking for, on the right side of the road: 

R&R Institut Pipistrel mala 
If you take the FIRST exit at the roundabout and then turn RIGHT again immediately, you will arrive to the Gold Club hotel (see below).
It's best not to follow the GPS to navigate the city centre, because it usually guides you to a wrong location.

If you want to book a room in a hotel in the town, very close to the airfield, please contact:

E-mail: #EM#696f646c446d69736d656d6460696d6365733c7661#EM#

The hotel Gold Club in Ajdovscina is only about 1 km away from our factory. How to get from Pipistrel to the Hotel:
How to get from hotel to Pipistrel

The hotel has a casino, a restaurant and a pizzeria, the rooms are equipped with:

- Air-condition;
- Wireless internet connection;
- Cable TV;
- Mini bar.

For further information regarding the Hotel you can visit their website or dial:
phone: +386 (0)5 3644 700
fax: +386 5 364 47 10.

Pipistrel guests have a special discount at the Hotel Gold Club for both rooms and the food at the restaurant!
Ask at the reception and state that you are a customer of Pipistrel.


In the very center of the town, 700m from the Pipistrel HQ.
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Planning to stay here a day or two longer?


Live picture from above LJAJ airfield (refreshes every 10 sec): please click on the link below and Select preset position "letalisce".

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