Aerial Photography

Among all the other things, Pipistrel aircraft are ideal for aerial photography. Photographers and pilots from all around the world confirm that..

Pipistrel aircraft are some of the most versatile aircraft on the market.
Aerial photography is just one among many things they're ideal for.

Pipistrel's best-seller model, the Sinus, is just perfect for this purpose.
Here are some of the reasons that make the Sinus one of the best aircraft on the market for aerial photography:
-very short take off distance
-it climbs incredibly well (climb rate at 140 km/h 6,3 m/sec) up to 8.000 meters
-low mininum speed (65 km/h) gives you plenty of time to focus on detail
-high maximum horizontal speed (220 km/h) enables you to arrive wherever you want fast
-it uses less than 10 liters of gasoline per hour.

-It is practically noiseless once in the air (so you won't scare the animals you're out to photo)
-the gliding ratio almost 1:30 offers you the best possible safety if you fly over the areas without the possibility of emergency landing

And best of all (this is a real bonus for the photographers):
-the high wing configuration offers you the unobstructed visibility towards the ground and in all directions around you.
-there is an option of installing a larger panoramic window,
-there is an option of ordering an aircraft with an already installed gimbal,
-option of an in-built aerial camera
kamera sinus
-the door can be easily removed in as little as 30 seconds (and flying without a side door is perfectly safe, so you don't need to worry about reflections!)
-it is also possible to OPEN and CLOSE the side door mid-flight! (at low speeds).

What more can you wish for?





Still not convinced? Check our references!

Some of the world-renowed photographers and pilots have trusted our aircraft for their breath-taking adventures!


Slovenian pilot, Mr Matevž Lenarčič, accomplished a record-breaking flight around the world in 2004, using Pipistrel's Sinus - and documented the entire adventure.

You can read more about his flight in our news release: matevz-lenarcic-flew-around-the-world-and-set-a-world-record
You can also have a look at his website:
or the website of the RTV Slovenia, about the project "Towards the sun":


A German aerial photography company Luftbild Wetzlar uses our Sinus 912 and they're very happy with it!


Mr Michael Coates, Pipistrel's distributor for Australia, personally delivered a Sinus 912 NW from Brisbane, AUS to Auckland, NZ.
Of course he couldn't miss the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of the sea and islands!


Mr Michael Anastasiou, who normally flies as a captain for Japan Airlines flying the B747's, took delivery of his Sinus and flew it home to Greece.
Here you can read more about his flight and see the beautiful photographs of Italy and Greece (especially the coast and the mountains) he took:


Our South African distributor, Mr Kobus Nel, and Matevž Lenarčič took the Sinus for a flight across South African skies as a part of "Earthrounders" meeting:
The photos of South African landscape are both alien and breath-takingly beautiful for our European eyes.


Mr. Antonio Alves flew from Pisa, Italy, to Lisbon, Portugal. On the way he made some astonishing shots of the Alps. You can read more about his flight HERE.


Air Infrarouge, a french company dealing with aerial photography and thermal infra-red photos, uses our Sinus!
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