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AERO is over and the results are great!
Pipistrel would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth and showed us support.


Saturday, 8. April 2017 pt.2

The last day of AERO, but the crowds don't seem to get any lesser, quite the opposite! Our big cat is still one of the centers of attention...
IMG 8042

Saturday, 8. April 2017 pt.1

Pipistrel was honoured with an award last night! Pipistrel's distributor for Switzerland, Mr. Marc B. Corpataux with his company AlpinAirPlanes GmbH, is preparing a project for certification of electric aviation. For his innovative concept (read more HERE) he received an award from the hands of Mr. Willi Tacke, the man behind the AERO e-flight-expo and the editor of Flying Pages (more HERE - text in German)

IMG 8023
Mr. Corpataux's concept of electric aircraft flight training is proving to be a great choice and a step towards cleaner and cheaper pilot training. Together with one small solar power plant it can enable schooling pretty much for free.

IMG 8044
The award is as clear and pure as the air after an electric aircraft flies through it.

IMG 8038
Happy recipients Mr. Marc B. Corpataux (left), Mr. Paolo Romagnolli, the man responsible for everything concerning Pipistrel's part of the certification project (middle) and Mr. Willi Tacke (right).

Friday, 7. April 2017 pt.2
If you remember we told you on Wednesday that Pipistrel was part of an interesting conference on electric mobility, prepared by our Swiss distributor Mr. Marc B. Corpataux. At the conference titled "Swiss e-flight, airfield network for training and travel" the protagonists explained the situation of certification in Switzerland.

konferenca 7 4 majhna1 IMG 8045
Mr. Corpataux presented his concept of certification of electric aviation, which he is preparing for the Swiss market.

konferenca 7 4 majhna5
Mr. Lojze Peterle, member of the European Parliament who is also a pilot himself, said that nowadays e-flight has become reality. He confirmed that the European Parliament supports the move towards cleaner energy and will work towards changes which will enable electric flight and make it simpler.

konferenca 7 4 majhna1 konferenca 7 4 majhna2 konferenca 7 4 majhna3 konferenca 7 4 majhna4 

Friday, 7. April 2017 pt.1 - a LOT of interest!

Pipistrel's booths are getting more busy with every passing day.  There are enormous crowds at this year's AERO, with more than 40 staff on the Pipistrel sites (including dealers from Europe and countries around the world) being run off their feet from start to finish of each day.

Highlight of the event is the APLHA Electro in the Electric Aircraft area. Looking at other displays in the area confirms that Pipistrel is a true leader in this field.
Other electric interests include propulsion packages (plug-and-play) for all types of projects including discussions with propeller manufacturers and companies interested in electric propulsion for larger platforms such as hot air balloons and even mini Zeppelin aircraft, the future is really ELECTRIC!

EU flag blueyellow Alpha Electro has been developed, in part, through WATTsUP project.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 683959.

Another highlight is the Pipistrel Panthera, now heading for serial production. There have been more than 200 changes since the release of the first flying prototype. More leg room, head room and changed ergonomics are being meet with fantastic feedback and customers with pre-orders are now starting to get excited by the promised deliveries starting in May 2017.
IMG panthera visitors IMG 8003
Crowds in front of the Panthera

On display are also the Sinus “Big Foot” in tailwheel configuration sitting proudly on Alaskan Bush Wheels, the Taurus and the certified Virus SW 121. All of them are attracting a lot of visitors!
IMG taurus visitors IMG sw121 visitors
Crowds looking at the Taurus and the SW 121

...and the real surprise of the show, the X ALPHA aircraft simulator. This is the absolute latest generation in flight simulators, using Virtual Reality Goggles that work in 100% real-time with clear images and performance taken directly from a real ALPHA Trainer aircraft. This new flight training simulator brings real topography and aircraft operations together in a 3D headset for a truly real flight experience.
IMG simulator visitors
There is a line of visitors waiting patiently to have a closer look at the X-ALPHA

"Two days down and two to go," was the comment made moments ago by an exhausted Pipistrel dealer. AERO really is the biggest event for sport aviation anywhere in the world. Thanks to everyone who came to share it with us!

Thursday, 6. April 2017 pt.4

The dinner for Pipistrel distributors from all around the world has become a tradition at the AERO Expo every year. Also this year all the distributors met at a creative dinner to review the progress in the last year and share some constructive ideas for the future.
distributors dinner (4) distributors dinner (3) distributors dinner (2) distributors dinner (1)

Thursday, 6. April 2017 pt.3 - two nominations!

nominacije fliegermagazin
We would like to thank Fliegermagazin and their readers for two nominations of our aircraft. It means a lot to us that people consider our aircraft among the best. Thank you!

Thursday, 6. April 2017 pt.2

We were honoured by an important visit to our Alpha Electro booth. Several officials from EASA came to take a look at the Alpha, among others also Mr. Tevor Woods, Head of Certification at EASA, Mr. Dominique Roland, Head of General Aviation & Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, and Mr. Stefan Ronig, the RPAS, VLA, LSA, Balloons & Airship Section Manager at EASA.

EASA visit of Alpha Electro (5)  EASA visit of Alpha Electro (3) EASA visit of Alpha Electro (2)

The visitors were impressed by the design and the manufacturing of the Alpha Electro. They praised the concept of electric systems.

EASA visit of Alpha Electro (4) EASA visit of Alpha Electro (1)

The Swiss Pipistrel distributor, Mr. Marc B. Corpataux, explained to the high visitors the situation of certification in Switzerland and presented his concept of certification of electric aviation, which he is preparing for the Swiss market.

Thursday, 6. April 2017 pt.1

New day, new news! Our team is already up and active, cleaning and getting the booth ready for your visit.

The booth looks great! Don't believe us? Have a look at this video with aerial shots of the area:

Wednesday, 5. April 2017 - pt.3

AERO Friedrichshafen celebrates 25 years. They prepared a celebratory event on the highest level!
AERO 6 AERO celebration 25 years AERO 6 AERO celebration 25 years FB (photo by

An important visit! We were very honoured that Mr. Tevor Woods, Head of Certification at EASA visited our booth and had a look at our Panthera.
AERO 5April Easa Trevor woods

Wednesday, 5. April 2017 - pt.2 - Conferences

We would like to invite everyone to two very interesting events, where our General Manager, Mr Ivo Boscarol, will also take part:
-the first one (at 13:45) will speak about electric aircraft
-the second one (at 16:00) will present the revision of CS-23 legislation, the "Amendment 5".

AERO 5April conferences

UPDATE: the conferences are going well!
AERO 5April conference
Conference on electric aerial mobility

AERO 5April Easa cs23 rev 5 introduction
Conference for introduction of EASA CS23 rev.5

UPDATE: reports about conferences with a few statements of Mr. Ivo Boscarol

Wednesday,  5. April 2017 - pt.1 - Everything is ready

Yes, it is starting!
Everything is neat and ready for your arrival. The booth is set up and the aircraft and trailers are all shiny, waiting for your to come and have a look at them.
AERO 5April booth1  
The central Pipistrel expo area is very rich and diverse. You can see four different types of aircraft: Virus SW 121, Sinus motorglider, a self-launching glider Taurus...

...and our big cat, the Panthera with six-cylinder engine.
AERO 5April booth2  AERO 5April booth6

The Alpha Electro is on display in the B3 hall, dedicated to Eco flight:
AERO 5April booth4

Little sweet surprise at this year's Expo: X-ALPHA, the Pipistrel Academy Flight Simulator with Oculus VR goggles technology, ideal for basic flight training:
AERO 5April booth3

Pipistrel's new trailer for transport of aircraft is on display in the Hall B5.
AERO 5April booth5

Our team is ready and looking forward to meeting you:
AERO 5April booth7
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