Pipistrel at AERO Friedrichshafen like never before!

Pipistrel is attending AERO 2012 expo in a grand style - for the first time ever with TWO booths! We present our 4-seat GA aircraft Panthera and much, much more. You cannot afford to miss this!
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Ladies and gentlemen it is time - time for the largest European indoor Aero Expo - Friendrichshafen 2012, from 18 to 21 April 2012.
Pipistrel will showcase the product palette on two separate expo areas this year:

1.) Introducing: **PANTHERA** in HALL A5

The revolutionary, wildy innovative, 4-seat high-performance long-range cruiser in now here!


Last year we announced our new 4-seat aircraft for the first time. This year, you are able to see the Panthera in all her glory!
The Panthera Pavillion is located in the hall A5, booth no.530.
2012 halafriedrichshafen1

Visit the Panthera Pavillion!
IMG 1960 IMG 1955 IMG 1946
IMG 1938 IMG 1929 IMG 1942

2.) The Ultra-Light and LSA program

Of course our Ultra-Light and LSA program isn't missing either!
Visit us in the Hall B4, booth no.408.
2012 halafriedrichshafen2
On 420 m2 we are showing four aircraft:

The brand new and unique, limited edition Virus SW 912iS with the Rotax 912 iS Fuel-Injected engine. Pipistrel was the launch customer for this engine!
912iS 3 912iS 8

The Easa Certified CS-LSA  Virus SW 121, which will be available later this year.

Sinus 912, now with removable wingtips!
This useful novelty will be extremely practical for those with narrow hangar spaces.
DSC04179s DSC04176a

And the phenomenon of the gliding world, the 2-set self-launcher with parellel seats configuration, the Taurus!

Here are some photos from the UL-program booth:
IMG 1961 IMG 1964 IMG 1963
IMG 1961 IMG 1972

3.) Plug&Play electric propulsion system

is showcased separately in the Electric Flight Area.


Do you remember?

Pipistrel has been present at the AERO Expo every single time since 1995.
In 1995, we introduced the world's first two-seat ultralight motor-glider made of composite materials, the Sinus. We thought the interest was immense - but it kept growing every year! We witnessed the fair grow from a biannual event in the city, and then moving to the airport location, becoming an every year occurence
(like in 2007).
Every year we introduced somethng new and revolutionary. And we kept the record! Here is the announcement from the year 2009 (and the report following the event) the year 2010 (and the report) and finally, last year (2011) when we promised to make the world's first hybrid propulsion aircraft, the Panthera. And we kept our promise! Don't believe it? Join us at AERO and see it with your own eyes!

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