Pipistrel GM, Ivo Boscarol, was chosen as the representative from Slovenia for European SME Week promotion

European SME Week 2009 will be held from 6 to 14 May.
Pipistrel's general manager, Ivo Boscarol, was chosen as the only representative from Slovenia to feature in European SME Week's promotional video and publication.
On 6 May 2009 an event called SME Week (Small Entrepreneurship Week) will start in 33 European countries.

There were only 33 people from the entire EU chosen for the publication (one from each country), and only TWO of them featured in the video! This is really a great honour for Pipistrel.
You can view the video here:

You can see a screeshot of the publication here:

Or view the entire brochure "Secrets of Success" (in PDF format).

Ivo Boscarol also features on the large-format poster which promotes the SME week:

The first European SME Week, taking place from 6 to 14 May 2009, is a campaign to promote entrepreneurship across Europe and to inform entrepreneurs about support available for them at European, national and local level. It allows SMEs to discover an array of information, advice, support and ideas to help them develop their activities.

Throughout 2009, events are taking place to inform, assist and connect existing and potential entrepreneurs and also help them develop new ideas and benefit from personalised information and support.

The SME Week encourages and supports SMEs to reach their full potential. It also marks an opportunity to inspire potential entrepreneurs to 'take the plunge' and work towards achieving their aspirations.

The European SME Week is co-ordinated by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, but most of the events and activities taking place during the SME Week are organised by business organisations, support providers, regional and local authorities, and others in the participating countries. The SME Week is one of the measures implementing the Small Business Act, the first comprehensive SME policy framework for the EU and its Member States.

In addition to participating at European SME in Bruxelles, Ivo Boscarol will also give a lecture about enterpreneurship in his home country, Slovenia.
He will speak about the new approach of accessing foreign markets, as a part of a workshop "S trebuhom za kruhom”, for young enterpreneurs who choose the global market as their immediate goal.
You can listen to him speak at the Austria Trend hotel Ljubljana (address: Dunajska 154, Ljubljana, Slovenia), on 7. May 2009, between 13.20 - 14.00.

The participation at the event is free of charge, but a prior reservation is mandatory: contact



Media coverage:

Primorske Novice, 6. May 2009




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