03 Aug 2016 First shipment of Pipistrel Aircraft for the Indian Ministry of Defense successfully delivered Pipistrel, who was awarded the contract by Indian MoD to supply 194 aircraft to the Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Navy (IN) and National Cadet Corps (NCC), delivered the first batch of their aircraft to India and kick-started the process of training Indian Engineers and Pilots. Read more...
19 Jul 2016 Enjoy AirVenture Oshkosh with the Pipistrel team! We are proud that this year, Pipistrel was able to get a better location for our booth: right at the main entrance to AirVenture, through the front gates and immediately on the right. See you there! Read more...
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Sinus is Motorglider of the Year 2010!

The Aviation and Aerospace Examiner - the nationwide edition - by the, names the Sinus “Aviation and Aerospace Examiner’s Best of the Best 2010” editor’s choice for the motor-glider category.
The winner for The Motor-Glider of the Year 2010 title is the Pipistrel Sinus 912, in the words of the press releas at PRlog, "one of the most impressive new light sport designs on the world market."
You can view the original release here: www.examiner-com
And the press release here:

The Pipistrel Sinus has flown a long way since the beginning of its production in 1995. This unique ultralight motor-glider has become a world-wide success with over 400 units sold, now flying on all continents! Sinus became the World Champion in 2001 when the French pilot Mr. Philippe Zen became the winner on World Air Games in Spain. in 2005 the same pilot claimed the 2nd place at the world championship, again flying the Sinus.

In 2004, a Slovene pilot, Mr. Matevž Lenarčič set the World Record as the first person to fly Around the World in an aircraft with the take-off mass of less than 500 kgs - the Pipistrel Sinus. He accomplished this solo, with no ground crew; and what is more, he did so flying a Sinus from the serial production, the only modification being larger gasoline tanks.

This week, on July 07 2010, Sinus received yet another recognition of its superior quality:

The Aviation and Aerospace Examiner - the nationwide edition - by the, announced the proclamation of “Aviation and Aerospace Examiner’s Best of the Best 2010” editor’s choices for the motor-glider category.

Press releases:

Aerospace examiner2
Aerospace examiner1 PRlog

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