Slovenian forum of innovation

3rd Slovenian forum of Innovation (3. slovenski Forum Inovacij) Cankarjev Dom, 20.-22. October 2008
The Slovenian forum of Innovations (Slovenski forum inovacij, ) is the central slovenian event in the field of promoting and supporting innovations and innovative thinking as well as connectiong science with economy and business.
Out of 178 applications, the special attention went to 30 selected innovations and 10 most innovative business establisments which were also introduced to public on the exhibition: Innovative potential of Slovenia.
This year's exhibition happened on 21 and 22 October and Pipistrel's Taurus Electro was the biggest attraction there (quite literally - we had a lot of trouble trying to fit the entire plane fuselage into the Cankarjev Dom hall!)

Some photos from the event:
Our space at the exhibition - as you can see the ceiling was very low, so we had some trouble bringing the plane inside - and we couldn't demonstrate how the propeller works! 
Ivo Boscarol speaks at a "round table" event about innovative potencial of the region.
Ivo Boscarol received an award for Pipistrel being among the top 10 most innovative companies.

Media coverage:
The news about the SFI forum on their official website (in Slovenian language):
The exhibition catalogue featured Pipistrel and the Taurus Electro on several pages:
(in Slovenian language)
Dnevnik, 25. October:
Delo, 28. October:
Podjetnik (November 2008)
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