Successful beginning of the year 2014 and two important awards for Pipistrel

We are happy to announce that after the extremely successful year 2013, we have already begun the year 2014 with a positive trend.

The first major event this year was participation at the AERO Friedrichshafen fair, one of the largest European aviation fairs. Pipistrel participated with six different models of aircraft – four microlights, one completely electric aircraft and the four-seater Panthera in the GA category.  At the Pipistrel expo area there were distributors from 16 different countries offering service in 14 world languages.
The fair was extremely successful for us, both regarding sales and otherwise. We signed 13 sales contracts for aircraft in total worth almost €2M. We also received TWO very important awards as the ONLY exhibitor at the fair (among over 600) to receive more than one award!

On Wednesday, 9. April 2014, Pipistrel's Panthera received the Aerokurier award for innovation!

Aerokurier, one of Europe’s leading General Aviation magazines, has done an online reader survey to find out which aircraft and which product should be awarded with the title »Aircraft of the future« or »Product of the future« in its category.  2079 users who participated in the survey were asked to choose the aircraft/product which represented the highest level of innovation in each category.
Aerokurier had defined six different categories and we are proud to announce that in the category »Single engine Aircraft of the Future« Pipistrel's Panthera won with 16.2 percent of all the votes!

The results were as follows:
1. Pipistrel with the aircraft Panthera - 16,2% of votes
2. Diamond Aircraft Industries with the DA-40 NG - 14,9% of votes
3. Cirrus Aircraft with the SR 22T Generation 5 - 13,9% of votes
4. Auila with the A211 - 9,6% of votes
5. Robin Aircraft with the DR 400 Ecoflyer - 7,9% of votes
     Tecnam with the P2010 - 7,9% of votes

Mr. Reinhard Wittstamm from Aerokurier Advertising and Mr. Volker K. Thomalla, the Aerokurier Chief Editor handed the diploma to mr. Ivo Boscaorl, the Pipistrel General Manager.
The winning beauty Panthera with Mr. Reinhard Wittstamm, Mr. Volker K. Thomalla, the diploma and the happy Pipistrel general manager, Ivo Boscarol

We would also like to congratulate our engine supplier Rotax, who won in the category „Aero engines“. The Rotax 912 iS claimed the title the „Engine of the Future” .

On the next day, Thursday 10. April 2014 Pipistrel received another award:

Pipistrel's two-seat microlight Alpha Trainer was selected as "The best light aircraft of the year 2013" by the aviation newspaper Fliegermagazin!
This is already the second Fliegermagazin award that Pipistrel received - last year Panthera was awarded the "Best 4-seater" title.

IMG 5181
The Pipistrel general manager, Ivo Boscarol, was invited on the stage, where he was happy to receive the award from the hands of Mr. Thomas Bochert, the chief editor of Flieger magazine.

IMG 5188 p
Time Tomažič, Pipistrel R&D engineer and Ivo Boscarol with the Flieger Magazin award.

With the two awards that we received this year, Pipistrel is the most awarded exhibitor of the AERO 2014 fair!

The success at the AERO fair was a really nice surprise for the beginning of the year 2014 – the year when Pipistrel celebrates the 25th anniversary.
We started this year by assinging new distributors in new markets and finally starting the construction of the new Pipistrel production building in Italy. The new facility will finally start to rise after numerous problems and delays (among other things for example discovery of unexploded devices from WW1: )
We are also planning several other surprises for the syear of 25th anniversary, so stay tuned!

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