Gil Souviron with his Taurus is at the top of OLC

Mr. Gil Souviron from France did it again!
After an impressive 1260-km flight with his Taurus in February (he wrote a very interesting article about it HERE) he is now listed at the top of OLC contest list:

..and also the first in Netcoupe France:


Even though it is not the end of the gliding season yet (ends in September), we would like to congratulate Mr. Souviron for this great achievement. We hope he stays at the top for as long as possible!

Another proof confirming once again that Taurus is a real cross-country sailplane;

The Utah State Record Keeper approved 3 record claims: Free Out and Return, Free 3-Turnpoint, and Free Triangle Distance in the Multiplace Motorglider Category for flights last year in my Taurus. Pilots were Mr. Steve Dee and Dr. Chris Erickson.

Utah Distance Records in the General Category
Results table from the page

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