The award of Slovenian Month of design

The Slovenian Month of design is an event that inspects and promotes all types of design in different areas of application. It happens once per year (this year from 23. October to 23. November). During the entire month a multitude of events is scheduled, for example exhibitions, lectures and award ceremonies, all of course on the theme of design and achievements in different areas of design.

The main award ceremony was located on the picturesque Ljubljana castle this year. In the evening of 23. October 2008, several titles were given awarded:
"Brezčasni" (Timeless)
"Perspektivni" (Prospective)
"Oblikovalec leta" (Designer of the Year)
"Interier leta" (Interior of the year)
"Nagrada Podjetja" (Award for a business company)

The special award of the Month of Design, the "Zgodba o uspehu" (Success Story), was awarded for the fifth time this year. The previous receivers of the award were the companies: Intralighting, Gorenje, Seaway and Tipro Keyboards.

The organiser of the event, Zavod BIG ("Institute BIG") decided to award the 2008 title to Pipistrel, with the explanation that:
Pipistrel consciously and deliberately uses quality design as a constructive element of its business, development and marketing strategy; and thoughtfully includes design into the development of its products to achieve important sales success.


The award ceremony was beautiful, enhanced by the magnificent surroundings of Ljubljana castle and subtle ambiental lighting which created a fantastic atmosphere for the event.

The Pipistrel CEO, Ivo Boscarol, received the award from the hands of the president of Slovenian Chamber of Industy and Commerce, mag. Samo Hribar Milič.

Pipistrel yet again provided a surprise - we brought the entire aircraft, the NASA winner model Virus 912, inside the castle walls! It was the centre of attention of both the visitors and the media, because it was the first time that a plane found its way into the medieval surroundings of Ljubljana Castle.


The "Success Story" award of the Slovenian Month of Design is a great confirmation for Pipistrel, meaning that we are on the right track with our design and development. It is also a great motivation for the entire Pipistrel Team and all the co-operatives who participated in development and design of Virus and also future planes.
But beware - the new ones are going to be even better! ;)

The happy and proud Pipistrel Team
Director of Institute BIG, Mr Zmago Novak.
The renowed Slovenian architect and designer Saša J. Mächtig congratulates Mr Boscarol.
Pipistrel Team and Ivo Boscarol would like to thank the organisers of the event and the jury for the opportunity to participate in this year's Month of Design and for their acknowledgement of Pipistrel and our achievements.

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