Visit of European Commissioner for Transport, Mrs. Violeta Bulc and the members of her Cabinet to Pipistrel

On Sunday, 23. July, we were honoured by an important visit of European Commissioner for Transport, Mrs. Violeta Bulc and the members of the Cabinet. We spent a beautiful day together and shared many pleasant moments in their company.

The members of the Cabinet and the Commissioner Mrs. Bulc expressed a lot of interest in Pipistrel's R&D projects, especially the ones from the area of electric mobility, partially financed by the European Commission. Pipistrel employees were pleased to present the two main projects that are currently going on; the industrialisation of the electric training aircraft, the WATTsUP; and a hybrid propulsion for 4-seat aircraft.

Violeta&kabinet 12

The members were happy to listen to a lecture ab
out the history and achievements of Pipistrel and about future R&D projects, such as the development of an electric aerial taxi vehicle for urban transport in cooperation with UBER, and the 19-seat passenger aircraft with hybrid propulsion.
Violeta&kabinet 01

After that they took a walk through all the phases of development, prototyping, testing and production of aircraft in the Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina building and the Pipistrel Vertical Solution building.
Violeta&kabinet 02 Violeta&kabinet 03

And after that they took all their newly-acquired knowledge into practice! They were able to test Pipistrel aircraft and get to know them in the air. They took a flight with the electric aircraft, piloted by Pipistrel General Manager and pilot instructor Ivo Boscarol, and by the 4-seat Panthera, piloted by a Pipistrel Factory Pilot, Mr. Robert Likar.

Violeta&kabinet 04 Violeta&kabinet 05
Who's going to be next? :)

We took some photos of the expressions of their faces… and we will let you decide if they enjoyed it or not!
Violeta&kabinet 06 Violeta&kabinet 07 Violeta&kabinet 08 Violeta&kabinet 09

The visit was concluded with a meal in the idyllic environment of the Springs of Vipava river, in the Podfarovž restaurant.

Violeta&kabinet 11

All of us spent a really nice day in each other’s company and we hope for more such events in the future!
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