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Ivo Boscarol - curriculum vitae


Name: Ivo Boscarol
Date and place of birth: 15.4.1956, Postojna, Slovenia
Nationality:  Slovenian
Address:  Štrancarjeva ulica 14, 5270 Ajdovščina
Email:  #EM#696f646c44756f77617a7e796961207c79#EM#


Born on 15 April 1956 in Postojna, a permanent resident of Ajdovščina, Slovenia.
His father was a machine technician, his mother worked in the field of economy.
Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Veno Pilon Grammar School, Ajdovščina, Slovenia

Career History   

1. High school enthusiasm          
Held individual expositions, conducted various photography courses.

Aircraft model building:
Organized several courses in aircraft model building, organized get-together events and competitions.

Appointed president of international relationships committee at Ajdovščina Youth organization, Grammar school representative at the Municipality board, Member of Slovenia Holiday board panel.
2. University side activities   
Art photographer:
Member of ŠOLT photography group, held expositions in several countries, cooperated with several magazines, appointed official photographer of Šentjakob theater in Ljubljana for several years

Publications designer:
Provided and executed the design and layout for many publications in own design studio

Head of Commercial/Marketing department at Radio Študent

Band manager, Event organiser:
Organized Rock concerts and other music events, managed several music band and individuals

Member of Slovenia Holiday board panel.

Glider pilot
3. Post graduate milestones   
Art design, photography, mesh and offset printing, badge production

Powered hang-gliders:
Initiated powered hangliding activity in FMYR in 1987, obtained licence of instructor in 1988

The field of aviation

1. Organisation of events
Organized the first meeting of ultralight aircraft in Ajdovščina, 1989
Organized the first national championship for ultralight aircraft in Ajdovščina, 1991

2. Aeronautical Association of Slovenia
Founded the powered hang-gliding committee
Appointed first president of the powered hang-gliding committee
Civil Aviation Authorities
·    Initiated a legislation concerning Ultralight aircraft activity in FMYR
·    Prepared and wrote the pilot training program for weight-shift and aerodynamically controlled Ultralight aircraft in FMYR and Slovenia, 1988-1994
·    Initiated and organized the first registration process of powered hang-gliders in FMYR
·    Organized production of powered hang-gliders
·    Co-author of the flight operation manual for Ultralight aircraft, 1987
3. Aviation milestones          
First private aircraft producer in FMYR, 1987
First private aircraft producer to export units out of FMYR
Conceptual designer & producer of World-Class powered hang-gliders

Conceptual designer & producer of World-Class Ultralight aircraft Sinus, Virus
The founder of a new ultralight aircraft category - two seat ultralight gliders
Conceptual designer & producer of Taurus - World's first two seat side-by-side ultralight motor-glider
Official distributor and service center for Rotax aircraft engines
Conceptual designer & producer to the World Champion crew of 2001 -Zen/Knowles
Producer of the trike for the altitude World Record claim in powered paragliding- mr. Prah, 2002
Produced of the trike for Slovenian powered hang-gliding team - Gajser/Gajser
Conceptual designer & producer of the Sinus for record breaking Around-the-World flight - mr. Lenarčič, 2004
Conceptual designer & producer of Virus SW the big NASA Agency Personal Air Vehichle centennial challenge winner 2007
Producer & co designer of Virus SW the big NASA Agency GAT l challenge winner 2008
Conceptual designer & producer of Taurus Electro - World's first two seat aircraft powered by electric engine.   
Conceptual designer and producer of Taurus G4, world’s first four-seat electric aircraft and the NASA NASA Centennial Challenge: Green Flight Challenge 2011 winner ($1.35 million prize).    
Conceptual designer & producer of Panthera, revolutionary 4-seater

4. Sportsman achievements          
·    National Champion, powered hang-gliders - Ajdovščina, 1992
·    National Champion, aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft - Murska Sobota, 1995
·    National Champion Runner-up, aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft - Ajdovščina, 1996
·    Runner-up, aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft - 1998
·    National Champion, aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft RAL1- Šentvid, 2002
·    National Champion, aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft RAL1- Lendava, 2003
·    National Champion, aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft RAL1- Veržej, 2004
·    National speed record claimed in 2002
·    National speed record claimed in 2003
·    Sportsman of the Year 1995 - UL Aircraft, Aeronautical Association of Slovenia
·    Sportsman of the Year 1996 - UL Aircraft, Aeronautical Association of Slovenia
·    Silver Colibri Award - 2004

5. Business milestones          
General Manager:
·    Own brand name, own research & development, with distributors in 50 countries on all Continents of the World
·    Member of the Entrepreneur forum panel for business plans evaluation of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and Business school Piran - 2003
·    Member of the panel for business plan evaluation of the "Crossroads for Ideas" project, covered by the British Embassy in Slovenia - 2004
·    Member of the Strategic Council for National Economy development, Government of the Republic of Slovenia - 2004 - 2006
·    Member of the New Strategic Council for National Economy development - 2006 - 2008
·    Member of the Expert group for new Tax law preparation, Government of the Republic of Slovenia - 2004-2008

The field of politics and public functions

1. Official functions:
·    Founder and first president of the commission for powered hang-gliders at Aeronautical Association of Slovenia
·    President of commission for aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft at AAoS
·    Vice President of Ajdovščina Aero Club
·    President of the regional chamber of craftsmanship - Ajdovščina, 1987-1990
·    President of the regional chamber of craftsmanship's leadership board - Ajdovščina, 1998-present
·    President of the board of commerce at Major's office - Ajdovščina, 2002-present
·    President of the Board of Economy at the regional chamber of craftsmanship - 2006 - present
·    Organizer and leader of the presidential campaign for the candidate Lojze Peterle at the Presidential Election 2007
·    Member of Ajdovščina municipality council - 2002-present
·    Executive officer at IMPRIME - 2002-present
·    Executive officer at Politehnika university - Nova Gorica, 2004-2006
·    Member of TIA public agency for technological development of the Republic of Slovenia 2006 - 2007
·    Member of the work group of the Slovenian Government for stimulation of technological development
·    Member of panels of judges for: Zois Award, Zois plaque, the award "Ambassador of Science" and the Puh Award - 2005
·    Member of the panel of judges for the Entrepreneur of Primorska award 2006
·    Member of the Organizing committee of the Month of Design 2007 in Ljubljana
·    Member of the panel of judges for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2007
·    Member of the Development board for materials and nano-technology at the Government Council for Business Competitiveness 2008
·    Member of the Strategic Council for Business Diplomacy NZZ of the Republic of Slovenia, 2009 - present
·    Member of the Organizing committee of the International Salon of Photography Between the Sky and the Earth 2009
·    Member of the COBIK institution 2010
·    FAI Ultralight commission Paris 1999-2001

2. Awards and Achievements          

·    Award for Innovation - Celje fair, 1991
·    Award of recognition, aviation development and entrepreneurship - Ajdovščina Municipality, 1997
·    Award of recognition, ultralight commission at AAoS - 1997
·    Constructors' World Champion title in the category of two seat aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft - 2001
·    Constructors' Bronze medal at World Championship in the category of powered hang-gliders - 2001
·    Award of recognition, Special achievements, Regional chamber of craftsmanship - Ajdovščina, 2001
·    Highest municipality award "Petomajsko priznanje" - Ajdovščina, 2003
·    Entrepreneur of the Year, Slovenia - 2003
·    Special award, Board of Slovenia's project management society - 2004
·    Pirelli calendar - 2004
·    "Contemporary Slovenian product design" exposition presence at Design museum London - 2004
·    "Slovenia Research & Technology Development" booklet presence, Ministry of Science Republic of Slovenia - 2004
·     Businessman of Slovenia award, Chamber of Commerce - 2004
·    The highest award of the FAI International Aviation Federation, "Paul Tissandier" for the contribution to the development of the aviation - 2004
·    Winner of the NASA Personal Air Vehicle Centennial Challenge award 2007, (160.000 USD reward)
·    "Personality of the week" title awarded by the POP TV in 2007
·    "Personality of the week" title awarded by the VAL 202 radio station in 2007
·    " Personality of the Month" title awarded by the VAL 202 radio station in 2007
·    "Personality of the Year" finalist at the VAL 202 radio station in 2007
·    Chosen as one of the "100 most influential directors of Slovenia" in the magazine "Kapital" 2007
·    Best Entrepreneur of Primorska region - award for extraordinary achievement in the field of economy 2008
·    Winner of the NASA General Aviation Technology Centennial Challenge award 2008, (60.000 USD reward)
·    Slovenian Forum of Innovation - classified among 10 most innovative companies in Slovenia 2008
·    Special Award by the Slovenian Month of Design, "The Story of Success" for quality industrial design
·    The American magazine "Popular Science" places the aircraft "Taurus Electro" among the top 10 innovations of the year 2008 in the aerospace category
·    Ivo Boscarol and the company Pipistrel are introduced on the film "The History of the Aviation in Slovenia"
·    Nomination for the "Name of the year" title by the most influential Slovenian newspaper Delo (more info)
·    Ivo Boscarol and the company Pipistrel are introduced on the film about the Rusjan Brothers - 2009
·    The European Small Entrepreneurship Week chooses Pipistrel as the only Slovenian representative and one of the two European companies to feature on the SME week promotional video (more info)
·    MOP RS award for "maintaining clean air" at the International Earth Day 2009          
·    "Best E-company" award by JAPTI and MZVT 2009 (more info)
·    Award of the Chamber of Craftsmanship 2009 for the promotion of Slovenia 
·     Entrepreneur of Primorska Award 2009 by the Primorske Novice newspaper and Radio Koper (more info)
·   Guest of honour at the E-Flight Forum at the AERO EXPO Friedrichshafen air show        
.    2010 European Business Award for Innovation
.    Gold metal at the Biennial of Industrial Design in Ljubljana 2010
.    Listed among 100 most influential Slovenes by the magazine Reporter (2010)
.    Lindbergh Prize - best electric aircraft 2011
.    Victory at the Paris-Madrid air race at the centennial of the first flight
.    Celje fair – Bronze medal for innovation 2011
.    Taurus Electro featured at the Silent revolutions exhibition of the London Design Festival in the Dray Walk Gallery
.    NASA Centennial Challenges: Green Flight Challenge 2011 winner (Prize 1,35M $)
.    Listed in the  »Who is who« important persons list (2011)
.    Highest civil award in the republic of Slovenia: the President of Slovenia decorates Pipistrel with the Golden Order for the services to the country (2011)
.    Popular science magazine (USA) – lists Taurus G4 among 10 best aerospace innovations of 2011
.    Newspaper Finance: award for entrepreneurship achievements in 2011
.    Taurus G4 nominated for »2011 Design Award« by Design Museum London
.    "Personality of the year 2011" by the most influential Slovene newspaper "Delo"
.    Excellence award at the Slovene Forum of Innovation.
.    Taurus G4 nominated for the 2012 Collier Trophy
.    Pipistrel Panthera wins the “Best New Four-Seat Aircraft" Fliegermagazin award, Virus SW also nominated in best-UL category.
.    Pipistrel is listed among 100 largest Slovenian exporters
.    The "Manager" magazine lists Ivo as one of 100 most influential Slovene businessmen (55th place)
.    Scale model of the Pipistrel Taurus G4 aircraft is set on permanent display in the ICAO building main hall
.    Two flights around the world with Pipistrel aircraft (Matevž Lenarčič and team Wings for Science)
.    Certificate »Excellent SME Slovenia« by the Slovene Chamber of Commerce
.    Dr. August Raspet Memorial at the EAA Oshkosh: Award for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the design of light aircraft
.    Readers' Digest: Trusted brand 2013 - most trustworthy Slovene businessman
.    Panthera 4-seather successfully completes maiden flight and initial testing
.    EAA Oshkosh Airventure 2013 airshow: Pipistrel aircraft receive three ANN's "Annual Best Plane of the Year Selection" awards
.   Silent Revolutions – Pipistrel products are listed at the exhibition of best Slovene modern industrial design
.   Pipistrel listed at the 85th top Slovene exporters by the Delo magazine
.   25th anniversary of existence of Pipistrel
.   Readers' Digest: Trusted brand 2014 - most trustworthy Slovene businessman
.   Aerokurier »Innovation award« 2014 for Panthera
.   Fliegermagazin »Best aircraft of the year 2014« award for Alpha Trainer
.   Pipistrel nominated for BBC - Longitude Prize
.   IDC Innovation excellence award
.    Readers' Digest: Trusted brand 2014 - most trustworthy Slovene businessman

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