24 Sep 2015 SURVEYOR - new generation of special service aircraft! The best aircraft for special services such as: infrared and classic aerial video and photography, 3D terrain mapping, surveillance, sea and border patrol, power/pipeline monitoring and more... It has extremely fast cruise speed, excellent camera stability and low noise, superb range and characteristics even in harshest conditions such arctic ice, deserts and tropical regions. Read more...
04 Sep 2015 Hungary became European champion - with exceptional help of Pipistrel Hungary crew! Team Hungary achieved an amazing success at the European Microlight Championship 2015 - but only after a drama with great distances, ticking clocks and a broken aircraft, where Pipistrel Hungary crew played the key role. Read more...
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 All speeds are quoted as IAS unless noted otherwise. Typical fuel flow for Lycoming IO-390 in cruise is 37 liters per hour / 10 US gallons per hour.


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