A comment on customer support by Rich Digrazzi


I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your excellent customer service, which I saw in action in Hollister, CA, yesterday.
I am an instructor, and flew there with my student, who recently bought a Virus 912. We showed up to talk to Michael Coates and your team from Slovenia who are working on the Green Challenge Taurus. Anyway, Michael and the guys (I think one of them was Franci, the mechanic and pilot), went out of their way to help fix a few problems with the Virus, which was due to a repair that was done awhile back and was not complete. They spent a lot of time helping fix the things they could, and to give us recommendations for future servicing.
Your mechanic replaced some defective hardware, and Michael took the time to really explain what was not right and to give good advice. I know that your company is competing in the Green Challenge, and that this was extra work for them, so I really am impressed and grateful for the help.
I wish you and the Pipistrel company the best luck in the challenge, and look forward to meeting with your team again, and especially to flying your aircraft again!

Rich Digrazzi CFI-G, Reid-Hillview airport, California

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