A letter by Mr. Mike McElheny

A letter by Mr. Mike McElheny about his visit to Pipistrel and how he introduced it to his local Chapter 268 EAA meeting

Hello Ms. Boscarol,

I would like to thank you and your staff very much for the opportunity for my wife and I to visit the Pipistrel factory on October 19th. Mr. Andrej Horvat did an outstanding job of showing us around and explaining your “Clean and Green” operation. I was impressed not only with the Pipistrel aircraft but also how organized and clean your facilities were. I was able to take a number of pictures which I am using in a presentation at our Local EAA chapter meeting this week.
By the way, while we were in Slovenia, Pipistrel won the contract to supply training aircraft to the Indian government. Congratulations, the contract should be a real boost to Pipistrel and the Ajdovscina economy! Even though we did not have a chance to see the Panthera, I want to wish you the very best with getting the certification completed. General aviation needs a new high performance single to compete with the Cirrus SR20 & SR22 and the Panthera should be that aircraft.

Thank you again for allowing us to visit your facility,

Mike McElheny

Mike McElheny and his local Chapter 268 EAA meetin
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