A letter from Piotr Skorupski

Piotr Skorupski, a Polish pilot living in Netherlands, shares his impressions about the Virus.

Dear Ivo,

It has been only a couple of months since I received my Pipistrel Virus (SP-SKOR) from your factory after the glass cockpit and auto pilot retrofit and I wanted to share with you some of my impressions and ideas about the aircraft.
In fact every time I am able to fly it I enjoy it more and more and I appreciate its genius simplicity more and more. After flying couple of the competitor’s products such as CT from Flight Design or the Dynamic from Aerospool I have no doubt that your idea of focusing on the aerodynamic design as utmost priority is a way to go in a modern aviation.
The Virus is unmatchable in its segment in terms of its speed, endurance as well as economy and – what is most important – its published ‘data sheet’ performance (although at first glance almost unbelievable) is very well achievable in the reality for every level of experience pilot.
It is really unique to have a 24 L/D glider outperform some of the retractable gear micro lights in terms of cross country cruise capabilities. Your Virus product is a true revolution in the definition of powered glider. Thank you and your team for this break through contribution to the aviation world.
The only thing about the aircraft that ‘bothers’ me is that it is – relatively to the capabilities it offers – so unrecognizable here in the Netherlands. There are still people in the aviation community here that would not know the Pipistrel brand and most of the people would recognize it as a powered glider in the ‘old sense’ of that word, which I consider an offense to the genius of Pipistrel design.
After the retrofit of the 10’ Dynon Skyview together with autopilot and the full leather upholstery my Virus makes quite an impression on most of the people that have seen it so far. Apparently many of them are genuinely surprised with the luxurious options available on such a micro light aircraft. It makes even more of an impression when I take them for a ride and they can experience its ultimate performance.
My plane would be available for the whole of the season on the biggest and most modern GA airport in the Netherlands – Lelystad, which is in a close distance from the metropoly of Amsterdam, should anybody like to see it.  It will be hangared in a modern hangar with all the necessary facilities provided. Next year I am planning to fly the aircraft cross county to my home country – Poland on a regular intervals.

Kind regards
Piotr Skorupski

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