A perfect day! Letter by Tony Wiederkehr

Hello guys:

Well last Wednesday, while visiting my father in New York, my wife and I flew from our airfield to northern Vermont (in an hour!) in our new
Virus SW. My wife greatly enjoyed the flight to/from Vermont and we had a great day together. We then drove to Albany and saw Steve Morse
in concert, while sitting in the second row next to the stage. A perfect day. The next morning we flew the Taurus, too.

The Virus SW is fantastic – everything we expected, and perhaps more.
I must say, Dan Carter has been EXCELLENT. He has the perfect personality to represent Pipistrel – he’s young, energetic, highly
experienced and very patient. He is always smiling and, like everyone at Pipistrel…he is always very positive. We were very pleased to meet
him and greatly enjoyed his visit to our airfield, and his delivery of SN 536 (SN 537 will likely be delivered this week). He did a great job
with the training, and his experience was particularly helpful. We look forward to a long relationship with him.

Thank you again for all you have done for my father and I. You have made our lives infinitely more enjoyable.

Most Sincerely,
Tony Wiederkehr
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