E-mail from Kevin Coulter, Colorado Air National Guard

Dear Pipistrel PR Manager,

I am still without words to adequately describe my astonishment over Wednesday’s visit. So please let me ramble on with a few thoughts.

First, as a long-time EAA member, I have admired Ivo and his innovations in the aviation community. Meeting him was quite an honor for me.

Second, in an industry filled with dreamers and manufacturers that simply vanish after a few years, Pipistrel’s success is thoroughly inspirational. Flying in the twilight hours to avoid arrest by communist authorities? That is not simply a good tale for a pub conversation, but the sort of story that makes for a good movie! Such daring is a rare quality these days. Ivo's strength of character is clearly Pipistrel's “secret sauce" that so many other businesses lack.

And finally, I want to compliment you on your enthusiasm while telling the Pipistrel story. Your tour through the Pipistrel factory was not only engaging, but entertaining. The delight in your eyes conveyed your pride in Pipistrel with every story and explanation - and rightfully so.

I am truly astounded by the largess you and Ivo showed us. I have no comparable way to repay, but should you ever find yourself visiting Colorado or Oshkosh, please drop me an email. I would love to give you a tour around AirVenture, or offer a place to stay with my wife and I while you visit Colorado. I look forward to hearing more of your stories of Slovenia during a dinnertime chat.

Kindest Regards,

Kevin Coulter
Colorado Air National Guard
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