Hans Kohlinger, Sinus and Taurus pilot

Hans Kohlinger is impressed with his new Taurus and gives a long review about the aircraft.

To start from the very beginning: My name is Hans Kohlinger. Together with
my wife and a French associate, for fifteen years now we operate a flight school for
Ultra light aircraft in the center of Mexico. Besides our work I am dedicated to
sailplane flying in my spare time. I fly for about 32 years and have a 15m
TST Atlas from the Czech Republic as a personal glider and know the Stemme S10 pretty well. In order to be able to promote more affordable motor-gliding flight
with high quality two-seaters for the general public we decided to go with
Pipistrel and it s airplanes. I must say that from that moment on our
expectations have been exceeded by a good margin, due to our experiences
with the Sinus.

For luckily having been a privileged person, I was to try out the Taurus in
its very first appearance on this continent. Right from the arrival of the
Taurus we knew we had to do with a very professional crew that provided the
packaging and the protection during transport. Not only was it impeccable,
but also very easy and logical to undo and even for further transport in
some eventual future, all the material can be readily used again.
As for the airplane itself, we have not yet seen a person that remained
quiet upon seeing it. It is truly a piece of art. The termination, details
and finishing are without competition.


The cabin is very roomy even for large people and all controls are logically
located. The window is practically without distortion. Once operating the
Ibis control, the engine comes out in only a few seconds and the rest of the
engine starting is practically automatic. Although we could not find the use
of the primer in the users manual, all seemed to go well when we put it to
ON before starting and to Off again after some 20 seconds after the engine

The flight is very straight forward. On our elevation 3200 Ft and with an
air temperature of 34º C. with two people of 75Kg each the aircraft took
flight at around 250 M.  and climbed steadily. The retraction of the wheels
is quick and very easy. So nice to have this system operate mechanically!!
Shutting of the engine requires a bit of slow flying with flaps in Take Off
position for some 10-20 seconds and again the retraction occurs by itself
by just switching the Ibis to down.

Now we truly have a nice and quiet glider. The windows can be opened or
positioned in order to have a required airflow or can be completely closed to
reduce it. The air inlets of the plane work very well and can be directed to
convenience. The glider flies as can be expected. The Sinus wings on this
Taurus fuselage give amazing results. The glider flies well on slow and
fast speeds and makes little wind noise. It seems to climb very well in low lift
and in turbulence it reacts very absorbent, so passengers can expect to have a
relatively smooth ride.

Restarting the engine in the air takes very little time and the Ibis takes
good care again. I have not landed the plane with the engine extended yet,
so I have no opinion. By having the engine stacked away, the brakes work as a
flawless accelerator. It s use is very precise, docile and effective. The landing
gear can be extended again in one second and after landing appears to be
plenty stable.

Maybe I should not be the one to write about this plane, as, for being in
love with the Taurus, I cannot be expected to be objective.
(The only disadvantage I found was that it had to be paid for in very costly

Hans Kohlinger

Mexico, 19 Jan, 2008

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