Jeffrey Honeycutt‎, comment on Facebook

Jeffrey Honeycutt‎ posted the following comment on Facebook, on 16. April 2014:

"THANK YOU! I was recently at a Beechcraft open house and was enjoying the beauty of their brand new airplanes. The six-place Bonanza looked ideal for carrying my family around until I saw the useful load is only 1,000 lbs. Put 3.5 hours of fuel in it and you are left with 700 lbs for PAX and bags. I used to get almost 1,000 lb payload in the Piper Archer II with 3.5 hours of fuel, and the new Archer III only gets 700 lbs. I asked a Piper dealer why the loss and he explained it all the new comforts. Now I find the Panthera and see someone out there is taking airplane design seriously. THANK YOU!"
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