Letter by Mr. Ray St-Laurent: A big smile over Canada


I thought you might be interested in what I have been doing with my Virus SW. Soon after I got my plane, I realized it was built for long cross-countries.
Two years ago I decided to fly and land in every province in my country, Canada. Last year I did the same to all the territories. On the way back I visited Oshkosh. The track of that trip on the map (below) makes a big, lopsided smile.

GUFY14 trip
Click for a larger image

I am just an ordinary pilot with an extraordinary aircraft. No hardships were endured in my travels. The range, speed, comfort and ability to use mogas as well as avgas in my 80 hp aircraft make voyaging straightforward. It enables me to easily go where few ever have. Having 'completed' Canada last year, this year I was going to visit all the states in the continental USA. Things were proceeding well until a a mishap stopped me short of this year's goal. Completion will be next year.

I am grateful for the the aircraft and continued support of Pipistrel.

Wishing you continued successes,
--Ray St-Laurent

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