Letter from Rik van den Brink, Taurus owner

Dear Ivo,

We've been flying our Taurus (076) for almost two months now. In these two months we've had some minor start-up problems, but in agreement with your factory they have all been perfectly solved.  

We made several flights over five hours and 300 kilometers. On these flights we've really enjoyed the aircraft and it's possibilities. We are very excited and would like to express our enthusiasm to you and the rest of your employees.

All the arrangements in advance, especially with all the paperwork, appeared to be complicated and sometimes extremely bureaucratic. It took a lot of time and energy to get the aircraft registered. Last week our request for a official competition registration was approved. Due to this request, all future requests for a competition registration for Taurus and Apis-Bee aircraft in the Netherlands will be approved as well.

Our Taurus is based on Teuge International Airport (EHTE), one of the most busy airports for recreational aircraft and home base of several flight schools. It is situated close to the center of the Netherlands and has, aside from a flying club for powered aircraft, a flying club for MLA aircraft and gliders as well.

For the latter, I work as an instructor. Besides that I take part in several gliding competitions a year.

A lot of people are very interested in the Taurus. One has to get used to the concept, but once we bring them on a flight, the appear enthusiastic without exception. For this reason we fly around lots of passengers who want to get acquainted with the aircraft.

Best regards,

Rik van den Brink
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