Mark Bent, Sinus owner

Dear Ivo,

I meant to write to you earlier, but we leave on Friday back to Africa and I am swamped at work.
I must confess that I was prepared to suffer a little disappointment in the Sinus, as I have been looking forward to getting into the cockpit almost constantly over the past months since I placed my order.
Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible experience - many, many times more wonderful and thrilling than I ever could have dreamed of and something even now which fills me with great pleasure as I go over each aspect of the flight in my memory.
The incredible attention to detail was the first thing that stuck me after I got over the immense beauty - that wing span and camber shape makes to appear flying even when it is sitting in the hanger. Philippe got us airborne and then passed me the controls and I immediately felt very comfortable.
We did some stalls, with controls holding on to the air almost magically - recovery, which is probably too much of a word to describe the marginally reduced controls, was very simple. We then did some power off soaring and the speed sensation over the mountains, combined again with the solid feel of the controls, was amazing.
Phillip did a power off landing, after swooping over the field and bleeding off some airspeed, and then we sat around for a while and he answered all of my questions.
Very, Very Well done to you and your team. I have apprised my Company's management of the capabilities of the aircraft and I would wager that the other country General Managers in the firm will be clambering for the same aircraft. Please feel free to pass on my name/e-mail address to anyone who has expressed an interest, but has yet to make a final decision and I will provide them withh my very positive opinion.

Thanks again and very best regards,

From: "mark bent"

Eritrea 12. 03. 2003

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