Nomad Flying - A letter from Pierre Sibilia

Mr. Pierre Sibilia sent a beautiful letter to Mr. Sergio Lins Andrade, describing his gliding adventures in the French Alps.
Hello Sergio!

Last Sunday
we took off from Fayence with Nicolas and two other friends, for a couple of days of nomad adventures.

Nicolas was with Bernard in the Nimbus 3D and I was with Jean Louis in the Pipistrel Taurus.
We flew strait up North to the Maurienne valley. We entered the Grand Paradis park in Italy up to Aosta and after that we headed to the Cervin mountain in Switzerland.

Returning to Aosta, we turned North again up to Verbier and entered the famous "thermikstrasse" up to Sion and flew far away, all to the Alech glacier.
Sibilia 2  Sibilia 3
After 7 hours we landed at Raron airfield which is located east of Sion to take a well-deserved rest!

On Monday we took off before noon for a western trip to the Mont Blanc and further west to Grenoble and the Vercors. We landed in Aubenasson.
We finished this beautiful trip back to Fayence on the third day after 20 hours of incredible flight.
Every night I am dreaming about it again but it was all pure reality.

Waiting for you to have some good flights together.

Best regards,
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