One thousand hours with Taurus, by Pierre Sibilia

One of the very first Taurus owners, Mr. Pierre Sibilia, shares his review of the Taurus after having logged 1000 flight hours.
Hey guys!
As I have already told Ivo, my Taurus nr. 003 has now logged more than 1000 hours of
flying time, made during about 300 flights - mostly over southern French Alps, Italy and Switzerland.
I appreciate handling and the controls which are smooth and precise.
When thermaling, I like to slow down the speed below 80km/h in order to reach a much better vertical speed. But when it is time for the transition, the speed must be increased up to 150km/h to reach the optimum glide ratio for cross-country flying.
I like the freedom of self-taxi and self-launch given by the Taurus from both regular airfields and ultralight strips.
The ultimate winner for me is definitely the nomad-style flying I can perform with this incredible machine.
Thanks to the whole staff of Pipistrel
for all this pleasure!

Pierre Sibilia

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