Photo from Australia by Russell Mountjoy

We received this impressive photo by our customer Russell Mountjoy from Australia, who uses his aircraft to travel around his property. The area of the properties the owner has in his district is approximately 100,000 acres.
(100,000 acres is about 405 square kilometers which is about the size of Barbados). The Virus SW is equipped with larger wheels for rough terrain.

customer photo27

Mr Mountjoy wrote:
"This photo was taken near Hay in New South Wales. Behind me is a crop of cotton. The property is called "Hells Gate". They run a cattle feedlot and cropping program with irrigation. We need irrigation here because the average rainfall for the year is approx 300mm. Opposite me is corn /maize that we will harvest for silage.  Happy flying from OZ.
Russell Mountjoy

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