Pierre Sibilia, Taurus owner

A short report about the pilot Pierre Sibilia's first flight with his new Taurus in France.
Pierre, who is a Captain-Instructor on B747 for Air france sent us this email and the photos from one of his first flight with his new Taurus in France.
Hello Ivo!
Today conditions were mixed but my friend Nichloas and I decided to go on XC with the Taurus and we flew more than 5 hours over a triangle of about 200 km. It's not realy a perf but it was very interesting. Ceilings were at max about 2700m and weather was stormy with conditions changing very often. At last we had to extend the engine over the field of St Croix to finish the 50 km with the engine because of rain.
Best regards.
France, April 2006
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