A letter by Rand Vollmer

Rand Vollmer sent us a kind thank-you letter about his visit to the Pipistrel factory

Thanks again for making our visit to your factory very special.  Demonstration flights in the Taurus Friday evening with Franci, and Saturday morning with Tine in the Virus were thrilling. I had hoped my wife was not looking when I asked Frank to do some STEEP turns she was.  Though I have limited time in high performance gliders I have no doubt, the Taurus represents outstanding performance at a great price. The Virus was without question, the most stable small plane I have ever flown. The saying form follows functioncomes to mind, but then with Pipistrel it may be function follows form; or it could be that both are true. The designs are beautiful, performance outstanding, and the quality of workmanship is as good as I have ever seen.  After the flights it was not urprising to find in my tour of your factory; that it was in perfect order, and as clean as a modern hospital.  You have great products that are clearly backed by a superb team.  Bring on the Arcos.
Thanks again for showing me a great time in your beautiful Country.  We will be back.
Colonel (Retired) Rand Vollmer

6. September 2006, Karlsruhe, Germany

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