Sergio Lins Andrade, Sinus and Taurus owner

Two videos, a slide show and a long article (in Portuguese) by Sergio Andrade

Sergio Lins Andrade of Brazil was the first Sinus owner in Brazil and will take delivery of his Taurus in August 2006! He shot two videos of his Pipistrel aircraft.
Others are encouraged to contact us if you have any Pipistrel related videos in your collection and we will be happy to publish them.


To watch the Sinus video, click here: Sinus Video at

The Sinus video takes place in Brasil. Note the short take-off and short engine-off landing capabilities!




To watch the Taurus video, click here: Taurus Video at

The Taurus video takes place at Ajdovscina, Slovenia and was shot at the occasion when Sergio visited the factory and actually test-flew his very Taurus. Those of you who are skeptical about Taurus climbing capability, check out the take-off! Second man in the cockpit is Pipistrel's Research&Development technician Mr Franci Popit.

In May 2007, Sergio surprised us with a Slideshow with photos of flying his Taurus in Rio de Janerio. Words cannot do justice to the pictures, have a look yourself!

 Taurus in Rio.pps

In August/September 2007, Sergio participated in a major Brasilian gliding competition. Read the report here:





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