flag Mexico
J. Hugo Herrera Mier UL P
Km 1.6 Carretera Manzanillo-Minatitlan,
Col Tapeixtles,
cp 28239 Manzanillo, Col. Mexico

Tel. (Mexico City): 0052 (5) 5431013 (12 lines)
Tel. (Manzanillo): 0052 314 33 21921 and 23990.
Fax: 0052 (5) 555 43 1013 ext 132
GD: general distributor for mentioned country UL D: country distributor for the ultralight program CERT: country distributor for the certified aviation program LD: local distributor for mentioned area P: promoter TRIKE: trikes UL: 3axis ultralight PROP: propellers S: service

Aero Dynami­c de Mexico S.A de C.V. P UL

UL promoter for the state of Morelos and factory-certified flight instructor on PIPISTREL aircraft.

Contact person:
Mr. Hans Kohlinger
Oficina: Calle de la Torre. s/n
San José Vista Hermosa
C.P.62680 Morelos

Tel (hangar): 734 345 5487 734 345 5487
Fax: 734 345 5476



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