New dealers wanted!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for choosing to become a member of the ever-growing Pipistrel family!
We sincerely appreciate your interest in our products and your readiness to be our distributor.

To see if we are looking for a distributor in your country, please check the list of distributors in the menu above. If your country is not on the list or if the search for a new distributor is published there, contact us!

We are receiving a lot of requests from many countries, but our selling policy is conditioned with an excellent after-sale service.
We also prefer to trade only through our distributors, not sell directly to customers.

To learn more about our aircraft we would like you to read carefully our Internet site and also the sites of our distributors.
You will find all technical explanations, photos, videos, Power-point presentations, interactive 270 degree view of the cockpit, newspaper articles, test reports and much more, to get an idea about the aircraft.
On our website you will find all the data you need about us and our products.
Please also check the sites of our distributors, which will give you an idea what we expect from our dealers as well as many other information.

We do not know what the conditions are in your country to register a UL aircraft. What legislation applies? We have a lot of certifications all over the world already. Please check them at: /plane/sinus/certificates, /plane/virus/certificates, /plane/virus-sw/certificates, /plane/taurus/overview and /plane/apisbee/overview

So what do we expect from you?
Please send us an e-mail with a short introduction of yourself and your company and a description of the situation in your country regarding the UL laws and registration.
(before you e-mail us, please read about the conditions for dealership for the additional information to include in your message).


About our Company:

Our company was founded in 1989 as a private workshop for powered hang-glider assembly. Back then, Pipistrel was the first and only Yugoslavian light aircraft producer.
In 1992 the company was registered as a limited liability (Ltd.), keeping the name of Pipistrel. By that time more than 300 powered hang-gliders were produced.

Introducing new ways of company leadership, we moved forward to aircraft manufacturing. At first, units under third party license were being assembled, then, in 1995, development and production of own Sinus ultralight motor-glider was launched. Soon after, Virus a fast cruiser with unprecedented flight safety features, also an in-house design went into production. The company's range of activity, as well as its sales' network have been spreading at a staggering rate ever since.

In 2004 the company moved to new premises, a total of more than 2.000 square meters of most modern production- and maintenance-facilities which allowed us to boost the production.
The company, including subcontractors which produce parts for Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina exclusively, now employs almost 50 people. Our production is fully booked for 10 months ahead and judging by current demand the future looks promising.

In 2004 the maiden flight of a new 2-seat-high-performance powered glider with a lift/drag ratio of 1:40 was conducted. Taurus is now already in serial production with high demand on the market. Furthermore, a light, super-fast microlight capable of reaching speeds over 400 km/h will be presented to public in the upcoming years.
Strife for perfection when it comes to manufacture, service and flight safety is our motto. We will continue to set new standards in the field of light aviation and push the limits even further.
Currently the worlds leading ultralight aircraft producer is looking forward to meeting you!

Fleet experience:
Over 1.500 our planes are flying in Albania, Arab Emirates, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark, Eritrea, Equador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland,
Italy, Japan, Kenya, Republic of Macedonia, Mexico, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Quatar, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, and Slovenia.

Our 3-axis aircraft have received permits to fly as ultralight aircraft in: Arab Emirates, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary , Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland and Slovenia; in all other countries the permit to fly is arranged according to the local rules for non-certified aircraft or where possible like local certified motor glider (Australia, South Africa, Hungary, India)
(for recent additions check Certificates page for each aircraft, for example: Sinus )

There are eight (11) aircraft families in production, Apis, Sinus ultralight motorglider, Virus 912, Virus SW, Taurus and Taurus Electro, Alpha Trainer and Alpha Electro, Garud, SW 121 and 4-seat Panthera.


There are 2 possibilities of representing us. You can either apply as a Distributor or as a Promoter. As a Promoter we ask you to buy at least one aircraft, as distributor we ask to buy the number of aircraft we consider suitable for the size of your country. We are very selective with our dealer appointments as we wish to develop a strong, successful and supporting team from day one.

For a Distributor there is a list of requirements. Ideally a distributor would fulfill as many of these as possible:
· Sell all Pipistrel products (all 3-axis Type non-certified aircraft, plus EASA Type-certified Virus SW 121; sell all spare parts and additional equipment such as propellers, etc.)
· Have a broad range of flying experience
· Be an experienced pilot to be able to safely demonstrate the aircraft
· Be a current Flight Instructor (trikes and 3-axis aircraft) to train new owners on our aircraft
· Have a service center, access to a maintenance facility or a trained mechanic to assemble, maintain and repair our range of aircraft.
· Live on or close to an airfield (or have a direct right of its use) suitable for demonstration throughout the year
· Have access to a clean, uncluttered hangar suitable for customer visitations
· Work side-by-side with local authorities to obtain all required Permits to Fly for all Pipistrel aircraft and to support the costs of the homologation procedures.
· Prepare advertising materials in native language of the areas you will cover
· Be regularly present at air shows, fly-inns, local magazines, etc.
· Be able to hold sufficient stock of spare parts to provide after-sales support
· Translate all necessary documentation to your local (native) language
· Provide the customers and authorities with the relevant service and technical documentation
· Be available for contact at all times, have a mobile phone, daily Internet access as well as a PC (min Windows 98, Word 2000, Excel 2000, Acad 14, Adobe Acrobat Reader)
· Enjoy flying and meeting people
· Be loyal, honest, trustworthy and forthright with customers
· Maintain at least one demonstration aircraft at all times
· Have composite construction experience as we plan to offer the aircraft as a kit in the future; distributors will need to be familiar with construction techniques to answer customers inquiries

Distributors are allowed to use the Pipistrel logo for official releases, documents, publications, etc.
Distributors are allowed to make their own selling and pricing policy, however the price list must be presented to Pipistrel.
Distributors are allowed to design, build and/or sell other aircraft.
Distributors are allowed to sell products competitive to Pipistrel.

Upon first order, the newly appointed Distributor will receive a written certificate, which will entitle him/her to represent Pipistrel officially. This certificate is subject to rechecking and renewal every (1) year. Once a fixed agreement between the Distributor and Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina is reached, Pipistrel will stop working with individual customers from the country discussed, and all inquiries will be forwarded and handled directly and exclusively by the appointed Distributor.

We are also keen to hear your view on how you can contribute to this dynamic team. We understand that some of you may not meet all the above criteria, but we urge you to proceed with your application anyhow.
In addition to addressing the above criteria, please try to answer the following questions as well when you send us a mail:

· Are you in a position to purchase a demonstration aircraft?
· How many aircraft do you expect to sell per year?
· What are your marketing and sales plans and experience in these areas?
· What area of geographical operations do you see for you to be successful?
· What is your capacity for the storage and supply of basic spare parts and accessories?


Promoters are allowed to promote only one model of our aircraft in their region, both locally and as broadly as possible. Promoters must work side-by-side with local authorities to obtain all required permits to fly for all Pipistrel aircraft. Promoters are to be regularly present at air shows, fly-inns, local magazines etc.
Promoters have no direct authority over the sales of aircraft, Pipistrel will be free to sell directly to the country in question, especially to the customers who will contact Pipistrel directly.

If you are interested to become our distributor or promoter and if you believe you can satisfy most of our requests, write us an email with your comments & eventual proposals.
We are definitely open to discussion on all questions and eventual requests you may not be able to satisfy fully.

For more information please don`t hesitate to contact us: #EM#696f646c44756f77617a7e796961207c79#EM#

Best regards
Ivo Boscarol
Pipistrel GM

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