flag Switzerland
Pipistrel Switzerland GD, CERT, CAMO, Pt.145
Mr. Marc B. Corpataux

AlpinAirPlanes GmbH

Rte de l’Aérodrome 19
CH-1730 Ecuvillens

phone +41 26 411 34 05
fax +41 26 411 34 06
mobile +41 79 944 60 62

e-mail address: #EM#696f646c44646a7761676b627e7d626e7e74613d777d#EM#
web: www.alpinairplanes.ch

GD: general distributor for mentioned country UL D: country distributor for the ultralight program CERT: country distributor for the certified aviation program LD: local distributor for mentioned area P: promoter TRIKE: trikes UL: 3axis ultralight PROP: propellers S: service
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