Flying Pipistrel Sinus in South Africa

Earthrounders ( is a group of pilots who have flown around the world in light aircrafts (les than 7000 kg MTOM). Meetings are organised every two years around the globe. First was in Oshkosh in 2000, the last one in Cape Town - South Africa in March 2008. SA Assemby was organised by Hettlich family after tragical accident of their husband, father Frank who was killed in 2007 after ditching his Piper Seneca into South Atlantic.


At Stellenbosh airport we met with Kobus Nel, dealer for Pipistrel aircrafts in South Africa. He kindly organise check ride for my South African licence in his Sinus. After the CT meeting my wife and I took the car to Kobus residency in Nieuwoudtville where we met again and with his wife Heather. They were extremly hospitable and made our stay unforgettable experience. Kobus showed me some secrets of sun-set soaring above the long ridges on common westerly wind. In the evenings we had long discussions about flying, aviation and aircraft improvements. Kobus has a broad knowledge about technics and aerodynamics and explained his planned fuel-injection modification of Rotax engine.


Beside ridge soaring I flew in Kobus' Sinus along the Atlantic coast above many diamond mines and rough sea. Together with my wife Katarina we flew two days trip north to Kalahari and along Orange river back to Kobus farm.


Nice colourful flying over remute deserts and Bushman Land. Thanks to Kobus we were able to see a good part of South Africa in just a few days and are looking forward to next visit.

Matevž Lenarčič

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