China, 2008

Pipistrel is now also present on the Chinese market! The first aircraft was assembled and flew over the skies of China in the very first days of 2008.
The aircraft was imported with the ZedTech help, the owner of the first Pipistrel aircraft in China iz the company Beijing International United Flight from Beijing. The Sinus 912 NW is based in the hangar alongside the Company premises and own runway - this is also where the first flights took place


Left: Sinus 912 NW during assembly, Right: Overlooking the runway
The runway is 400 meters long, which is more than enough for the Sinus 912 NW. Despite the very strong crosswinds, which were present throughout our stay, we were able to demonstrate the aircraft capabilities and envelope very very well.
Sinus seen in front of the blue hangar just right of the ZedTech company building. A lot of curious eyes gathered before the first flight.
The company is just as impressive as its owner, Mr. Zhang. This is his office, which includes a large swimming pool, jump tower, a lot of greenery and animals. For European people, this is simply amazing!
We were also very excited to see the way Mr. Zhang thinks about preserving the environment. The water is heatedusing solar panels and the whole b
uilding is constructed to be energetically very efficient.
Mr. Zhang, apart from being an excellent host, is also a fantastic animator and cook. He proved all that while hosting a dinner for all participants of Flight Instructors of China Congress.
Flying over Beijing and its surroundings will amaze anyone. The sight goes over infinite newest residential areas as well as thousands of years old historic buildings. Topping the amazemet are surprises such as artificial ski slopes. Incredible!

Mr. Zhang was also visited by Mr. Fan Wei Project manage of Flight Commitee ( Aero Sport 1st Dept. ) AERO SPORTS FEDERATlON OF CHINA,
 who is also a private pilot. He was very impressed with the Sinus 912 NW!


Surprises in China just keep arising. Our future owner and enthusiastic pilot med Slovenia even before seing Pipistrel aircraft. As a passionate motorcycle rider he has his bike equipped with a Slovenian product - the Akrapovic exhaust.

A group photo with the aircraft after the first flight in China.

We were very honoured by the visit of Mr Janez Žakelj, Counsellor of the
EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA in China. We would like to express our sincere thanks for h
is help upon our entering on the Chinese market!



Standing from left to right: Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zakelj, Mr. Boscarol, & Mr. Shi



Mr. Žakelj was very impressed with Mr. Zhang and Mr Shi, as well as the Pipistrel's Sinus 912 NW and Mr. Zhang's factory. There, Mr. Zhang produces powered hanggliders and has his own research laboratory for new type of fabrics.


The whole Pipistrel Team hopes to welcome the Chinese delegation in Slovenia very soon. This way, we will have a chance to express our thanks for their unmathed hospitality! Thank you very much and see you soon in Slovenia!

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