India 2007

Team Pipistrel visited India in late September, 2007. Aero Club of India, the launch customer for Indian market organised the training of ground and flight crews at the airport of Jaipur.

India is only a 7 hours' flight away from any major city in Europe, and the journey is well worth it. When visiting India be prepared for an explosion of diversity in culture, religion and some of the most fantastic cuisine in the World.  

Driving through Delhi at night (left). DGCA of India (right)

After a late-night arrival at New Delhi and spending the night in a hotel downtown, it was time for some serious action instead of breakfast. Team Pipistrel, this time Ivo, Tine and Matej, attented a meeting at Directorate Generale of Civil Aviation where we were issued our permits to fly as well as security clearances. A short visit to the head office of Aero Club of India, where we met Mr Kanda and Mr Thapar. They showed us around the quarters and told us about the rich history of the Aero Club. Soon it was time for the long drive to Jaipur, the place where training for both ground and flight crews was to be held.

Meeting at DGCA (left). Drive to Jaipur with the white jeep (right)

Jaipur is famous for its historical architecture, the fort within the city and... afternoon strong crosswinds on RWY 09/27 as we soon discovered. But before flying the aircraft were to be assembled and Matej led the procedure and instructed the maintenence crew. Soon, clearance for the test flight was obtained, first for one aircraft registered VH-GDH, then the other, VH-GDG.

Before and after test flight

With the test flights sucessful the training for instructors was also underway. Capt. Gupta and Capt. Murari were the first Indian pilots to be endorsed on Sinus 912 NW, the aircraft delivered to Aero Club of India. The fligt training was quite something! With the circuits in-between scheduled airliner flights and constant coordination with the Tower, Capt. Gupta and Capt. Murari managed to complete the training with Tine after all.



During the long day of ground and flight crew training team Pipistrel enjoyed some traditional Indian food which is... SPICY! One day before our departure from Jaipur we were told that Jaipur is supposed to be the place with the most spicy cuisine in entire India so if you plan to go there, bring along some serious despicefier (supplied by Pipistrel of course).

Workday started at sunrise

At this point, we would like to thank Mr RC Kanda and Mr Sanjay Thapar, for their unparalleled hospitality, the management and maintenance crew of Jaipur State Hangar for their support and enthusiasm, the staff of ATC Tower Jaipur for splendid collaboration and assistance during our flying and Capt. Romeo and Capt. Mike for their determination. Thank you all very much for making our Indian adventure interesting and exciting every single day! 

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