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Important events, achievments and other noteworthy items concerning our aircraft - extreme flights, media appearances, awards, etc.
February 2017
Ugledni delodajalec   nagrada
Pipistrel received award "Reputable Employer" as the result of a research with 8.000 participants.

Pipistrel received IDC (International Data Corporation) Innovation excellence award at the ISC14 conference in Leipzig.

The title was awarded for the outstanding achievements in the field of High Performance Computing in aerodynamic analysis.

In 2015 Pipistrel achieved three important milestones:

-Ivo Boscarol won the "Trusted Brand" award for the third time in a row
-"Pipistrel" was chosen among top 30 most recognizable Slovene trademarks
-The company Pipistrel was listed among the top 50 Slovene companies with best credit rating

TrustedBrand 3 najbolj prepoznavne znamke

Ivo Boscarol was listed among the "Politico Top 28" most influential people in the European Union

2015 12 07 Politico28 (1) 2015 12 07 Politico28 (4)
More info HERE

Pipistrel was awarded a Certificate of Financial Reliability of the economic entity

Certificate of financial reliability of the econom

The Financial Reliability Certificate is a document awarded to economic entities, whose financial situation indicates a financially reliable business partner. It confirm that the financial situation and business operation of  the holder of the Financial Reliability Certificate is distinctly above-average. The holders are placed among the top 6% of the financially most reliable economic entities in Slovenia.
More info HERE.

In 2014 Pipistrel received two important awards:

On Wednesday, 9. April 2014, Pipistrel's Panthera received the Aerokurier award for innovation and on Thursday 10. April 2014
Pipistrel's two-seat microlight Alpha Trainer was selected as "The best light aircraft of the year 2013" by the Fliegermagazin!

More info:

Reader's Digest: most trustworthy businessman 2013

Readers digest

UPDATE: in 2014 Ivo Boscarol again received "The most trusted Businessman" award, the second time in a row!

In 2012 Pipistrel received the prestigious August Raspet Memorial Award by the EAA,
for the outstanding contributions to the advancement of the design of light aircraft.

August Raspet

Certificate for Excellent Small & Medium Enterprises

SME pecat

In 2011 Pipistrel Taurus G4 won the NASA Challenge for the third time.

NASA 2011

More about this here:

Pipistrel Taurus Electro won the Lindberg Prize 2011 in the category  Best Electric Aircraft

Read more about this HERE.

Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina received many awards for Innovation and Design, among them:

the award of the Slovenian Forum of Innovation(read more about it HERE),

Award of the Slovenian Month of Design (HERE) and

the gold medal at the Biennial of Industrial Design (HERE).

EBA nagrada2

Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina has been selected as a recipient of one of the ten prestigious Ruban d’Honneur awards for The UKTI Award for Innovation in The 2010 European Business Awards, after being chosen as a Country representative at the same competition.
Read more about it HERE.

NEW! Pipistrel is the final winner of the UKTI award for Innovation category at the EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARD! Read more about this HERE.


The Aviation and Aerospace Examiner - the nationwide edition - by the, names the Sinus “Aviation and Aerospace Examiner’s Best of the Best 2010” editor’s choice for the motor-glider category.
Read more about this HERE.

SME week

Pipistrel's general manager, Ivo Boscarol, was chosen as the only representative from Slovenia to feature in European SME Week's promotional video and publication.
Read more about it HERE.

Ivo Boscarol, the general manager of Pipistrel d.o.o Ajdovščina, received the FAI Paul Tissandier diploma for outstanding contribution to sports aviation.

Read more about this HERE.

To make green, environment-friendly aircraft, you have to start by building them in an ecological building!
In the spirit of our ECOlution campaign, Pipistrel operates in the most environmentally building in the entire country! When it was completed, the building was covered with the largest solar power plant in Slovenia.

Read all about our ECOlution campaign and the new building HERE.

Modified Pipistrel aircraft  "Virus" won the NASA centennial challenge two years in a row!
From the experience gained in these two challenges, we developed the Virus SW (Short Wing), which is now in searial production. Yes, you can buy the double NASA winner!

Read more about these two challenges:
PAV challenge 2007 - CLICK HERE and HERE
GAT challenge 2008 click HERE 

Taurus Electro is the the idea of noiseless, zero-pollution future of flight that came true - today!
Read more about this amazing aircraft in the following news articles:
Taurus Electro is flying!

Video of Taurus Electro in flight

First release (December 2007): Taurus Electro - First announcement

Taurus Electro was chosen as one of the top innovations of 2008 by the influential American magazine Popular Science!

Read more about this HERE

Many long-distance flights have been performed with our aircraft, among them the record-breaking flight around the world (Slovene pilot Matevž lenarčič was the first person ever to complete such a flight in an ultralight aeroplane - Pipistrel Sinus).

Read more about these amazing adventures HERE.

In 2001, the French pilot Phillipe Zen and his co-pilot Thomas Knowles competed at World Air Games in Spain with the Pipistrel Sinus aircraft - and won!

In 2005 the same team achived another great success with the 2. place at the world championship.

You can read more about this HERE.
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