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Pipistrel was established in 1987 as a small backyard workshop and registered as a company in 1989. It started as a producer of powered hang-gliders, but in the 30 years of operation it has grown into an influential, internationally renown company whose products set the new aviation standards on a world scale.

At the moment, the Pipistrel group is housed in three separate facilities:
-the daily serial production line is located in a 5000m2 facility adjacent to the airport in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, where also a lot of the test-flying is going on.
-the R&D and Management departments are situated in a 4.200 m2 building made of futuristic looking green glass on the opposite side of Ajdovščina.
-Pipistrel also has a daughter company, Pipistrel LSA S.r.l. just over the border in Italy, where the production of larger aircraft and specific projects is going on in a 10.000 m2 factory hall.
On all three locations Pipistrel employs almost 150 people.

In the 30 years of existence we produced more than 800 aircraft of the Sinus-Virus family and over 400 aircraft of the Taurus-Apis family. Together with the cca 500 produced powered hang-gliders and other projects, this sums up to about 1700 different aircraft. We continue with the trend of intense investments into research, high-technology equipment and development. Since 2008 we have been investing about one quarter of the entire company yearly turnover into research & development.

Information for media:

We provide some free photographic and text material available for the media.

To access the restricted area, please send an e-mail to our PR Manager and request the media username and password.
On request we can also provide all our banners and logotypes and either a short introduction of Pipistrel or a detailed presentation of the company's history, products, competitions and awards, system and organisation, ECOlution campaign and future projects. For all information please contact Pipistrel PR Manager.

Many other useful information for media can be found around the website. Check:


-ECOlution campaign

-the entire "About Us" section and "Media" section

-an extensive clipping of various newspaper articles and media releases can be found here: articles

About the name: "why Pipistrel?"

Pipistrel d.o.o Ajdovščina has been established in 1989, as the first private aircraft producer in former Yugoslavia. Back then, under the totalitarian Yugoslavian regime, it was almost unimaginable for a private person to make aircraft at home.
Alternative aviation really was alternative in those times. Being a private aircraft producer doesn't seem like a big deal nowadays, but 22 years ago, offering an alternative to military aviation and army-regulated sports airfields was what really opened flying to the wider public. Therefore, Pipistrel can rightfully claim the title of the pioneer of alternative flying in Slovenia.

Under the former Yugoslavia, alternative and ultra-light flying was all but illegal. It was because of these prohibitions that we named our company "Pipistrel". The airfield where we began our first flying attempts belonged to the army - so the ultra-light pilots, if they wanted to fly, had to do it in secret. They had to wait until the regular sports and army pilots finished flying for the day, locked up the hangars and left - and then try to sneak in an hour or two of flying before the darkness fell.

At first, the company produced only powered hang-gliders - and as they were flying late in the evening, using lights at the front of their aircraft, with the triangular shaped hang-glider wings, the local people jokingly started to call them "bats". Latin word for a bat is "pipistrellus" - and the rest is history.

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