All models available as LSA in the USA with immediate effect!

We are proud to announce that we are from this day onward shipping all models to the USA market as LSA accepted aeroplanes and gliders. All details inside...
Finally, satisfying popular demand, all Pipistrel models are LSA accepted in the United States of America. Of course our motor-glider range received certain minor modifications ( eg. fixed pitch propeller) to meet the 120 kt rule for horizontal speed but every single Pipistrel product remains true to our environmental EcoLution statement. Pipistrel aircraft are the most fuel-efficient LSA-s our there. The performance was proven with two consecutive victories on the NASA-CAFE challenges in 2007 and 2008.
Now the NASA-awarded Pipistrels can be yours!

For all information please visit the new Pipistrel LSA website, operated by our master importer for the USA, Mr Michael Coates.

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