HOT! Pipistrel adds single-seat Apis-Bee to product line

World Record holder Apis-Bee is a high performance single-seat ultralight glider and advanced light aircraft with self launching capabilities. But Apis/Bee is much more than this!

With the addition of Apis/Bee to the product line, Pipistrel is now the most complex small aircraft producer IN THE WORLD, the ONLY AIRCRAFT PRODUCER offering both single-seat and two-seater side-by-side self-launching gliders, two-seat motorgliders, UL two-seat go-the-distance aircraft, trikes and propellers.

Previously produced by AMS Flight d.o.o., the Apis-Bee project has been acquired by Pipistrel and all operations, production and ordering are now handled entirely through us. We are excited about welcoming all existing and new Apis-Bee family owners and we are confident to provide them with the best possible service!

From its beginnings, Apis-Bee was developed as a sister-ship to the Pipistrel's two-seat Sinus. Now, the sisters are reunited! We are really excited to be able to offer a World-class single-seat self-launch capable UL sailplane alongside our distinguished two-seat aircraft. Apis-Bee is a middle wing ultralight glider with a T-tail. All plastic parts are made in AFK, GFK and CFK technology while all main parts are LN certified. The plane itself is made of armored plastic in combination of epoxy resin enforced with honeycomb, glass, carbon and aramid fibers. Featuring the same wing- and tail section aerodynamics as the Sinus and Taurus, you can be positive in Apis-Bee stellar gliding performance. Apis-Bee truly is a top performer and in fact holds several World Records in its class:

  • Free out and return distance - 310km, (Tanja Pristavec, DU feminine)
  • Free distance using up to 3 turn points - 347.6km (Tanja Pristavec, DU feminine)
  • Free distance - 154km (Tanja Pristavec, DU feminine)
  • Free distance using up to 3 turn points - 808.9km (BoĊĦtjan Pristavec)
  • Speed over a triangular course of 100 km: 76.9km/h - (Tanja Pristavec, DU feminine)
  • Out-and-return distance: 501km - (Andrej Kolar, DU general)
  • Speed over an out-and-return course of 500km: 82.1km/h - (Andrej Kolar, DU general)
  • Free Three Turn Points Distance: 619.7km - (Andrej Kolar, DU general)
  • Free out-and-return distance: 511.6kmb - (Andrej Kolar, DU general)
  • Speed record over a triangular course: 118.2 km/h (BoĊĦtjan Pristavec) 

As we speak, we are working hard to transfer the Apis-Bee project operations and starting February, we will offer the best possible sale and service options for the customers. All info will be published here on our website.

After releasing the Apis-Bee product range to Pipistrel, AMS Flight will focus on their Carat and Magnus lines and on the adavnced care of the LS4 in LS6 gliders. Visit them at for more details.

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