Hydrogen powered Hydrogenius is already under construction!

Working hand in hand with University of Stuttgart's Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB), Pipistrel started construction works on hydrogen powered aircraft Hydrogenius. More inside.


We are happy to announce that work on the 17-m wingspan Hydrogenius aircraft has already started. Reviewing the initial design it soon became evident we can use much of the structure of Taurus. In fact, the wing sections and forward fuselage will be identical to the serially produced Taurus. Mid and aft fuselage sections will, however, be tailor made from scratch. This will allow for a fast prototype construction process and lead to test flights in 2009. Hydrogenius will demonstrate how the most advanced, pure hydrogen fuel cell based propulsion can be used in the future of aviation. Take-off will be possible from unpaved and short runways, with cruise speeds of up to 200 km/h and a range close to 700 km.

Frozen design of Hydrogenius, reminiscent of Taurus

In early October the IFB Stuttgart team visited Pipistrel to finalise the design and witness the initial fabrication of Hydrogenious structure segments. Prof. Voit-Nitschmann, dipl. ing. Steffen Geinitz and dipl. ing. Len Schumann met with Pipistrel's CEO Ivo Boscarol, dipl. ing. Vid Plevnik from R&D and other Pipistrel's composite structure specialists to review the design. With several systems still under joint development of University of Stuttgart's Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) and Pipistrel, the start of airframe segment construction is a huge milestone for the project. Fabrication of the Hydrogenius main airframe, which will be carried out entirely by Pipistrel, is now happening simultaneously with the development of internal aircraft components.

Members of Team IFB and Team Pipistrel on a design verification meeting

First part supplied by Pipistrel is a complete forward section of a Taurus fuselage with separate cockpit foudation. It will act as a mockup for the Hydrogenius cockpit installations. In addition to that, Pipistrel is going to lend a pair of test wings for trial installations of the flaperon and airbrake control system.

  Construction of the Hydrogenius is underway!

With both teams in full swing, we are all eager to see the Hydrogenius take flight soon!

This news is a follow up of this news release.

Hydrogenius is already in the news:
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