ICAO aircraft designations for Sinus, Virus and Taurus!

Attention pilots, when filing a flight plan, you can now use official ICAO codes for aircraft type. Look inside!
Pipistrel's Tine Tomazic has been working with AIS/MAP Section of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for quite some time now and the results can finally be made public.
When filing a flight plan, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, you can now use dedicated ICAO aircraft code for all Pipistrel aircraft. They are as follows:
Sinus, all models:


Virus, all models:


Taurus, all models:


All are type L1P aeroplanes with turbulence category L. Aboved codes are valid NOW! You can check it at:

Click on the image!

So what does the use of the above codes mean in everyday practice?
Here is a nice flight report from Michail Anastasiou, our Greek distributor. He and Petros Pantasis, Sinus owner from Greece were the first to try out PISI designator in the real World! First PISI flight.pdf
  • When you file a flight plan, you simply put e.g. PISI, PIVI, PITA under aircraft type, and the air traffic controllers will know your aircraft type. Questions such as "What is your aircraft type? Are you an ultralight? What is your default cruise speed? etc." over the radio or when submitting a flight plan over the phone will not be necessary. You will not be an outsider with ZZZZ code any more...

  • Type designatiosn PISI, PIVI and PITA are classified as category L1P. Therefore you will be regarded (if you file a flight plan) as equal to ANY other single engine aircraft up to 7000 kgs take-off mass (yes, equal treatment as Cessnas, Pipers etc. on any given airport). You will not be treated like *other* ultralights.
  • This is especially useful when flying internationally (also inside the EU or statewise USA).

  • In your logbook, you can enter PISI, PIVI, PITA as the aircraft type for a certain flight and ANY CAA in the World will approve it.
  • Getting an ICAO Aircraft Type Designation means that a certain aircraft had been officially recognised by the ICAO.

In general, ICAO does not issue Type Designations to ultralight aircraft! The authorisation of PISI, PIVI and PITA is proof of outstanding quality and characteristic of Pipistrel aircraft.

And something else, when Matevz Lenarcic circumnavigated the World, the biggest problem was flying under the ZZZZ code! Now this is no more, as we have ICAO Aircraft Type Designators and Pipistrel is officially in ICAO producers database as well!

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