Introducing: Taurus Electro G2 available now!

The second generation of the electric-powered two-seat self-launching glider Taurus Electro is now in serial production and available to customers world-wide. Read more inside to learn about many exciting improvements!
Effective immediately, we are announcing that the second generation of the electric-powered two-seat self-launching glider Taurus Electro is now in serial production and available to customers world-wide. More than 20 happy owners will receive their aircraft by the end of 2011 alone!

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Taurus Electro G2 is the only electric 2-seat aeroplane in serial production available on the market. Furthermore, Pipistrel believes it is the only truly useful electric aircraft out there, because the electric drive is applied to the glider airframe, where battery capacity is not a limiting factor in performance/endurance. Taurus Electro G2 represents a leap forward in performance, safety, functionality and user friendliness.

For the first time electric power outperforms its gasoline-powered counterpart – the Taurus. Taurus Electro G2 can use a shorter runway, climbs faster and is performs much better than the gasoline-powered version when it comes to high altitude operations. All this is possible thanks to the specially-developed emission-free Pipistrel's 40kW electric power-train.

The motor peaks at 40 kW for take-off  and allows continuous climbing at 30 kW power. It is controlled by a specially developed power inverter/controller and governed by the cockpit ESYS-MAN instrument. All components are networked via CAN-bus, feature proprietary multilayer protection logic and produce a true throttle-by-wire experience. More information about this pioneering system and what it does for the pilot is available at

A short video of Taurus Electro G2 taking off.

The tailor-developed Lithium-technology batteries come in two configurations, capable of launching the aeroplane to 1200 m (4000 ft) or 2000 m (6500 ft) respectively. They are placed in self-contained boxes, monitored constantly by the super-precise Pipistrel's own battery management system (BMS), compete with data-logging and battery health forecasting.

The result is a full featured maintenence-free electric powertrain, that can be retrofitted into existing gasoline powered Taurus  gliders and will be offered for integration into third party platforms as well. With Pipistrel, it is all about safety, more performance and fewer emissions.

Taurus Electro G2 conforms with EU microlight standards as well as FAA ASTM standards for the airframe. Pipistrel is working with authorities to obtain full certification in the coming months.


DULV, the German microlight Authority has demonstrated exceptional readyness to certify pioneering electric-flight technologies for which we give our special thanks to Mr Konrad, Mr Spitzer and their team. Taurus Electro G2 will make its first public appearance at AERO 2011 Friedrichhafen, where it will also compete for the Berblinger prize registered as D-METD. Numerous other certifications, including France, South Africa and USA are expected by the end of 2011.

Also at AERO 2011, Pipistrel is unveiling another World's first – the concept of Flying For Free. Pipistrel developed the Solar Trailer, which can charge-up the Taurus Electro G2 in as little as 5 hours absolutely free of charge and with zero emissions! Furthermore, when the Taurus Electro G2 is stored in the trailer during the week of bad weather, it will still be charged and ready to fly by the weekend. The Solar Trailer and Taurus Electro G2 are perfect companions and demonstrate how it is possible to fly free of charge, quietly and with absolutely zero emissions, with today's technology! This changes everything, again.

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