No space where to store a Panthera? Get a slightly smaller one first!

Did you ever have a dream about assembling your own airplanes? Then you will certainly like this surprise we prepared for you:

Panthera display model in 1:4 scale

majhna 171515

It is delivered with appropriate floor-stand, but it is designed also with the possibility of being appended.

majhna 173428 majhna 171547 majhna 1obešena majhna 2obešena

Supplied with all the tools, a manual and assembly instructions, guiding you step-by-step through the short and easy process of assembly.

majhna assembly

Safely packed in a sturdy wooden box for care-free delivery anywhere in the world.

majhna 171346 majhna 180409

Want one already?
Contact #EM#73716371617567757c7a4a7b657d677c6463777f3a667f#EM# today for your very own scale model Panthera!

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