Panthera is the Aircraft of the year 2012, Virus SW also nominated!

The 4-seat Pipistrel Panthera won the Fliegermagazin award for the best aircraft of the year!
Friedrichshafen, AERO Expo 2012

Yesterday at Aero Expo in Friedrichshafen, the Fliegermagazin officials Alexandra Jahr (publisher) and Thomas Borchert (editor) announced the winners of the Fliegermagazin awards.
The German aviation magazine, Fliegermagazin chose best designs and innovations in aviation industry as a part of the "JAHR TOP SPECIAL" awards.
The winners received a bronze award in the shape of a paper airplane. The event happened in the large Zeppelin hangar, which is also part of the Expo Friedrichshafen.

There were ten categories of nominations. Pipistrel Panthera was nominated in the “Best New Four-Seat Aircraft" category and the Virus SW was nominated in the "best UL" category.

A high profile jury and of course the readers in recent weeks could vote for the best examples and innovations in the aviation industry, including the most beautiful airport in Germany, the innovation of the year or the best four-seater concept.

We are very happy to announce that the
Pipistrel Panthera won the “Best New Four-Seat Aircraft" category!

malaIMG 2225
Panthera - the best new 4-seat aircraft!!!

The Virus SW sadly did not win, but we are very satisfied with the nomination.

malaIMG 2224 7147 9 01 JTSV FliegerAward VS48304 malaphoto

Pipistrel team would like to thank the Fliegermagazine leadership and readers, the organizers of the event and of course everyone who voted for Pipistrel!
Special thanks go to the entire design team who worked tirelessly to make sure the Panthera was ready for the presentation at the Aero Expo!

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