Pipistrel begins a grand project in China by laying a foundation stone in Jurong

This is how the HQ building will look like:


Launching of “Jurong Aviation Park Project” – Construction begins.

Government of Jurong City, Pipistrel Asia Pacific and Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina are proud to announce the beginning of construction works for the Jurong Aviation Park Project. The ceremony on the occasion of the Laying of the Foundation Stone was held near the city of Jurong, China, on 11th April, 2018.

IMG 4956 mala
Arrival of the guests

IMG 4917 guests watching dragon dance Resized 20180411 095239 guests IMG 4907 guests watching dragon dance
Guests are watching the Dragon Dance at the opening ceremony

Project partners are joining their potentials which are strengthening their competitive advantages, especially ones related to innovative solutions and green development, while at the same time importantly considering corporate social responsibility.

IMG 4962 gaspersic in njihov mayor
The meeting of Chinese and Slovenian officials

The Jurong Aviation Park Project combines modern aviation industry principles with new commercial and residential facilities by establishing a new airport, advanced aircraft factory, residential quarter and modern villas. With targeting a total area of 133 hectares, the area of approximately 66 hectares will developed already by the end of year 2018, with the remaining made available in 2019.
In less than two years’ time 80 hectares of land will be dedicated to aviation activities and 53 hectares to residential purposes as well as tourism. For Jurong, which is a city with 800,000 inhabitants and enormous future opportunities near Nanjing, the Aviation Park Project is creating synergies in regional and global development in terms of infrastructure improvements, stimulating international business and local urbanization, as well as increasing living standards and innovative industrial perspectives.

The enabling agreement for the Jurong Aviation Park Project was signed on December 1st, 2017 in Jurong, in presence of His Excellency the Slovenian Ambassador in China, Mr Janez PremoĹľe, following long preparations and invaluable political contributions from the Government of Jurong city and political institutions of Government of Slovenia, Ministry of Infrastructure and its Embassy in Beijing. With this agreement the City of Jurong and Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina established an 8-year cooperation via a company Pipistrel Asia-Pacific, General Aviation Technology Co. Ltd, which is the responsible central partner to establish Jurong Aviation Park Project and is owned by founders Ivo Boscarol (51%) and Danny Wu Hao (49%).  (more info HERE)

IMG 4614
The signing of the Agreement

With their understanding of market needs, industrial potentials, opportunities and environmental requirements, Pipistrel Asia-Pacific will form joint venture companies with strategic investors, dedicated to fulfilling the project’s aviation-related business segment and urban living quarters, while the City of Jurong entities will support the construction of the new airport infrastructure and provide its management. On the occasion of the Foundation-Stone laying at Jurong, Pipistrel Asia-Pacific is also announcing that five (5) companies  with its active and direct involvement are being launched, each dedicated to vital aspects of successful completion of the Jurong Aviation Park Project:
  • Jurong ZhongAn Pipistrel Real Estate Property Co., Ltd. – A company specialized in construction and development of the Aviation City, with up to 53 hectares of living quarters (10% of shares by Pipistrel Asia-Pacific)
  • Pipistrel Aircraft Factory Joint Company (80% of shares by Pipistrel Asia-Pacific, 20% shares by Jurong ZhongAn Pipistrel Real Estate Property Co., Ltd.)
  • Company for GA Operations and Flight Academy Joint Company (80% of shares by Pipistrel Asia-Pacific, 20% shares by Jurong Infrastructure Investment Fund)
  • Airport Management Joint Company (20% of shares by Pipistrel Asia-Pacific, 80% shares by Jurong Infrastructure Investment Fund)
  • Airport Assets Joint Company (20% of shares by Pipistrel Asia-Pacific, 80% shares by Jurong Infrastructure Investment Fund)

Laying of the Foundation Stone in Jurong

govor1 9106EEA1 Ivo govornik IMG 4941 minister gaspersic mala
Opening speeches:
Mr. Pan Qun, Mayor of Jurong City
Mr. Ivo Boscarol, Chairman of Pipistrel
Mr. Peter Gašperšič, Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia
Mr. Zhang Yefei, Mayor of Zhenjiang

Resized Ivo Boscarol
Pipistrel’s Mr Ivo Boscarol says:
"Initial steps for cooperation in the field of aviation were made already in 2012, when the Civil Aviation Agencies of both countries signed the first technical agreement for certification of Pipistrel's products. This led to signing of a second agreement in Ljubljana in April 2016, which enabled and simplified procedures for mutual recognition of type approvals for ultralight aircraft, thus allowing faster procedures for exporting or importing individual aircraft. Building on years of endeavors, we are today marking another outstanding milestone in the 30-year history of Pipistrel. Combining the vision of Jurong to become a larger aviation nucleus for environmentally friendly aircraft with Chinese dedication to fight against climate changes and Pipistrel’s electric flight technologies can significantly contribute to cleaner skies in China."

groundbreaking groundbreaking1 groundbreaking2 groundbreaking3
Ground breaking ceremony in Jurong, China, on 11th April, 2018.

Click HERE to view the video of the ceremony.

The same event from a different point of view HERE .


after the ceremony
After the ceremony

ekipa pipistrel
Team Pipistrel


Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina is a Slovenia-based World-leading designer and producer of electric-powered aircraft. As the technology and know-how provider in the project, Pipistrel will transfer state-of-the art technologies and environmentally friendly aircraft and production processes to Jurong. This will include: exclusive rights to use of technology and production of most advanced Pipistrel Alpha Electro and Panthera Hybrid aircraft models in China; Delivery of 50 aircraft of each model; Exclusive rights to sell Alpha Electro and and Panthera Hybrid in China; Non-exclusive rights to sell the two mentioned aircraft models in 11 neighboring countries to China; Training of new China-based staff in Slovenia; Implementation of the assembly process in China facilities; Supervision of production in China to assure Pipistrel Slovenia’s original quality of product.

Pipistrel AsiaPacific logo

Pipistrel Asia-Pacific is a China-based General Aviation Technology Company and focal partner to establish the Jurong Aviation Park, while also serving as Pipistrel’s General Distsributor for China.
The City of Jurong will gain an aircraft manufacturing, research and development base for military and civilian aviation industry; a brand new Jurong airport and supporting infrastructure; Pilot training base for General aviation, Glider and Light-Sport Aircraft; Future air-transportation between Jurong and rest of China, air-tours to surrounding Yangtze Delta regions, as well as air-rescue and emergency air-transportation means; Services for public security sector and defense system, integrated forest and fire protection, water patrolling and an alternate emergency-use airport.

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