Pipistrel celebrates 25th anniversary

Dear Pipistrel customers, supporters and fans all over the world!

The year 2014 is a special year for us. The name and registered trademark of Pipistrel officially appeared 25 years ago,
in the year 1989 (although our aeronautical activity started already a few years prior to that).

nalepka small carbon1
To mark this important occasion we will celebrate the entire year 2014 in various ways:
on top of official events and public celebrations, new aircraft models and new projects, guided tours of the factory, limited edition equipment, etc... we will pamper our customers also with a few surprises.

The projects and events we already prepared for you this year were:
-->The YikeBike! raffle:   http://www.pipistrel.si/news/25th-anniversary-of-pipistrel

--> Special edition aircraft: http://www.pipistrel.si/news/the-25th-anniversary-of-pipistrel--special-edition-aircraft

-->The engine "Rotax 912" which is built into the majority of Pipistrel aircraft, celebrates 25 years this year just like Pipistrel. 
On this occasion Rotax has a prize campaign also: http://www.pipistrel.si/news/upcoming-event--rotax-912-engine-celebrates-25-years--just-l

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More coming soon!
Keep checking back, we'll prepare a new surprise for you about once every month or so.

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