Pipistrel introduces new model - Sinus Flex!

Pipistrel introduces SINUS FLEX!

We are proud to introduce to you the Sinus "Flex" model. 

The Sinus aircraft has been known for its versatility, offering the customer 3 aircraft in one (a fast and economic cross-country cruiser, ideal training aircraft and an efficient glider).
With a very small addition – the Flex wingtips – you will be able to get another one!
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Sinus Flex model is identical to the standard Sinus, with the added bonus of interchangeable wing-tips. The outer 5-foot portions of each wing can be easily taken away and replaced with short winglets of a Virus model! You can't decide if you want a Pipistrel Sinus or a Pipistrel Virus? Now you can have both, a thermal-soaring Sinus motorglider which you can quickly and easily (about 5 min of work) transform into a small and fast Virus cruiser, which can fit into any hangar!

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A standard wrench is all you need to transform your Sinus into a Virus and back: the tips slide easily into the wing and back out and all it takes to secure them are about 10 turns with the wrench.
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While you are enjoying your flying with one of the models, the wingtips for the other one are resting securely in the made-to-fit leather bags which protect them for getting scratched or dirty.
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Sinus Flex: an aircraft as beautiful as it is practical!

Can't wait?

Your local distributor will inform you about the new price list for the Sinus and Virus models, which includes the Flex version (if you live in a country which does not have a local Pipistrel distributor, please contact #EM#696f646c44756f77617a7e796961207c79#EM#).

But what if you already have a Sinus and just want the wingtips?
At the moment it is not possible to just buy an additional set of wingtips for the old wings; however, we can replace the old Sinus wings with the new Flex wings, which will include both sets of exchangeable wingtips. (Pipistrel will take the old wings into part exchange.) You will get a whole new aircraft just for the price of a set of wings!

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We hope that this improvement will make the Sinus even more useful and versatile, satisfying even those needs that we couldn't up until now.
The Flex model will make storage much easier and fast cruising possible.


Disclaimer: Sinus Flex may NOT be available in all countries due to certification restrictions in the local legislation. Interested customers should contact their local distributor (or #EM#696f646c44756f77617a7e796961207c79#EM#) for more information.


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