Pipistrel presented electric flight in Sweden

Swedish e-Flight airport tour
Pipistrel was on an e-Flight tour of Swedish airports from the 2nd to 10th of June. The tour began in Stockholm and ended at the Nordic EcoFlight seminar in Gothenburg, making several stops on the way in southwestern Sweden. The tour showcased two Pipistrel aircraft: the ALPHA Electro, proof that electric flight has become reality, and the Virus SW 121, proof that small aircraft can do everything that large aircraft can, and more!
Travel plan:

sweden electro promo tour
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Weekend 1-3 June
EAA Fly-In at Falköping (ESGK)

Saturday 2. June 2018 was the main day of the fly-in event. Aside from having the best (VIP) stand at the event and stirring up a lot of attention at the seminar, ALPHA Electro represented our company and philosophy well.
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Sunday, 3. June
Virus spent the night in the hangar with its new friends...
2dan   Virus spending night in hangar   small 2dan   Virus spending night in hangar2   small 2dan   Virus spending night in hangar5   small

Sweden is beautiful from the air!
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See more images of the presentation on the Facebook page of KSAK Motorflyg:

4 - 5 June

Stockholm Bromma (ESSB)

We are still under the impression of yesterday's flight. Did we mention that Sweden is beautiful from the air?
IMG 4043mini IMG 6112mini

A promotion of eFlight was held at Stockholm Bromma (ESSB). Our team met several top decision-makers, media representatives and potential buyers. We were honored by a visit of Mr. Anders Svensson and Mr. Niklas Lundin from the Ministry of Transport. They are the ones who plan the future strategy for Swedish airports. They both tested the Alpha Electro and were very impressed, so they promised to include development of electric flight into their work.

The presentation
tadej1mini IMG 6591mini IMG 7989mini

And just in case you still don't believe that Sweden is beautiful...
IMG 6767mini

More than 60 people visited us for a close look at the Alpha Electro, among them the Swedish National TV news team. This is the report they made:

eFlight tour Å vedska (2) eFlight tour Å vedska (3) eFlight tour Å vedska (4)

We were honored by the visits of important guests such as:
Mrs. Mona Glans, the Managing Director of the Stockholm Bromma Airport, an ambassador of electric flight;
Mr. Peter Larsson, CEO of 33 Regional Airports Organization in Sweden. His support is essential in establishing the charging infrastructure at the airports;
and a long list of representatives from airports, air transport companies and potential buyers of electric aircraft.

eFlight tour Å vedska (1)

The time spent in Stockholm was very fruitful and will definitely lead to the development of e-flight and investments in charging infrastructure.

June 6
Lidköping/Hovby (ESGL)
Celebration of the National Holiday together with you at the Fly-In in Lidköping.

June 7
A stop at Trollhättan/Vänersborg (ESGT) airport, which, along with Gothenburg (ESGP), represents the birthplace of eFlight in Sweden.

June 8
Gothenburg (ESGP)

The Goteborg Aeroklubben flight club is 100 years old, which is almost as old as flight itself! The Nordic EcoFlight seminar in Gothenburg (ESGP) is part of the celebration and featured a Pipistrel stand.
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June 9
The big day at the Nordic EcoFlight Seminar!
The director of Pipistrel Vertical Solutions (Pipistrel’s R&D institute), Mr. Tine Tomažič PhD, presented ALPHA Electro to the seminar’s participants at 14:00 and discussed other Pipistrel's achievements in the field of electric flight, our plans for the future and how you can help us promote electric flight in Sweden.
EcoFlight seminar at Aeroklubben

e-flight Sweden
(image by Claes Axstål, http://www.axstal.se )

June 10
Aeroseum Flight Show and Aeroklubben 100-years celebration Fly-In event.
There was a barbecue party at the aeroclub after the seminar and guided tours of the “Aeroseum”.

Big thanks to everyone who joined us, checked out Pipistrel aircraft and had a test flight. Thank you for your support on our mission to promote electric flight in Sweden! With your help we hope the EPA will opt to support our mission for cleaner air and make flying an electric plane an everyday reality.

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