SW121 validated in Mexico

We are proud and happy to announce that our SW 121 has been validated in Mexico. DSC 1946

So, another big and important country has been added to the list where our pearl will make the flight training more affordable! SW 121 will offer new, exciting experience of long day & night very economic flights to the private users.
Having the autopilot, constant speed propeller, air-brakes for fast descend, double glass cockpit and full certification also for intentional spins and glider towing, the SW 121 is the perfect tool for flight schools and clubs.

Mexico DGAC Type validation certificate SW 121.pdf

Pipistrel would like to thank the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil of Mexico for their fast and professionally executed validation procedure.
The Mexican skies have opened for our "Virus" and we will be honoured to fly over them.


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